My Sisters Keeper

A heart warming story about two abandoned kids. And a beautiful lady who took them under her care. Niall has taken care of his baby sister for a long time and when he does leave her what happens?


3. Distressed


We came back, everyone with a frown on there face or a tear. I turn around to see Winter standing at the door smiling at me, she turned to see Emma laying there, she ran over, the smile disappearing instantly. She stood next to her a tear ran down her face, Winter is Emma's best friend (not the one in the car accident) and they do everything together, whenever i come home she's always there, she's so happy all the time, that she puts a smile on your face. So seeing this made me cry a little. Wearing a black crop top and rainbow short shorts she wasn't really dressed for the occasion, her dark brown hair dangled to her bum, she ran over to me and hugged me tight. she sat next to Louis and cried into his shoulder, Louis looked a little awkward because he'd never met the girl before. he just lightly patted her back. Next thing i know Harry screams out "EMMA!" i jump out of my seat, i ran to the bed, Emma's eyes squint from the light. Emma held her head and screamed, then the machine beeped repeatedly, we called the doctor over, they rolled her out of the room into another room that i wasnt aloud in.

I ran my back down the wall in the hall outside her room, finally hitting the ground, having my head in my hands, crying. Winter came back and hugged me and made circles on my back, we lay there for hours. I managed to dose to sleep... I looked at the clock i had slept for 2 HRS! I lifted my head i was sleeping on Winter still, "sorry" i yawned. "its okay you look cute when you sleep" she laughed. "has there been anything about Emma?" she shook her head. I walked up to the window that was blackened but i knew she was behind there and that was enough for me.

~3 Hrs Later~

Emma got wheeled out and into her old room and the doctor asked us to tell him if anything happens. i walk up to Emma "are you okay? do you feel okay? what happened in there?.." i asked. "woah, hold on tiger one at a time." she said. "i love you" i said and hugged her. 'i love you too, but im really tired so", "yeah, yeah i'll leave dont worry" i said smiling. I walked out of the room and stretched, i think she'll be fine, fingers crossed. I looked at my surroundings many tired stressed people. "you guys can go home and i'll text you if anything happens". liam replied with," I actually do need a good night of sleep" he said hugging me and walked out the door.

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