My Sisters Keeper

A heart warming story about two abandoned kids. And a beautiful lady who took them under her care. Niall has taken care of his baby sister for a long time and when he does leave her what happens?


5. And in with the new?


Hey guys, I know i've taken AGES to update.. Sorry.. :)haha do you guys like Mark? probably not. I really want all of you to watch this amazing video on you tube (if you haven't yet!) its called ' One Direction see how £5 can prevent a child from dying |Red Nose Day 2013 ' plz watch. Just a text can save lives. i cried :'(.  Lets save lives by the dozen, and remember how lucky you are! 70005 remember it! . Love ya Long time.

"you have to come with me!" he forced. "Leave her alone." Niall said. "what you gonna do pretty boy.." he said, wow i've never seen Mark act like this. Niall punched him in the face. He's a VERY protective brother. he put his hand out and i take it, feeling the ache in my leg. On the way to the car Niall had his hand on my back the whole time, "i never liked him anyway" he joked, but i could tell he was telling the truth. i laughed though the tears. I got to the car and Winter was shocked, she must've seen the whole thing.

we finally got to the house and even though it had only been a couple of days, it felt like a life time ago. Niall helped me up the stairs and i fell on the couch, Niall sat next to me. "why did he leave me Niall, why did he cheat on me?" i cried into his shoulder. "because he's a jerk and doesn't deserve you." i sigh and put my head on his shoulders. 

~The Next Day~

I wake up, still tired, i walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror i had tear marks all down my face. I wash it off in the tap and walk through the door and slowly walked down the stairs, yawning. "morning sleepy head" Harry said and winked. I was a bit confused and i think it showed because niall whispered in my ear "whats up?" i shrugged and said, "nuuuuuuthiiing" he laughed and continued eating his toast. He passed me a piece of toast and i ate it. There was a knock at the door, i opened it and saw a tall body standing there, guess who it was... Mark, who else. He stunk of alcohol, he is only 16, like me! "come back with me" he said tearing up. Niall walked next to me, "i think it would be best if you left Mark.." Niall said sternly. "NO!" Mark yelled. "Mark settle down" i said calmly. "can you just leave" i said fed-up. "don't tell me what to do!" he yelled and slapped me in the face. I fell to the ground. it hurt really bad. Niall punched him and Mark punched back and they had a big fight and i was getting scared that Niall could get hurt, Niall did one final punch and yelled for him to leave, he stumbled down the foot path and down the road. I began to cry, seeing blood on Niall's face. I managed to get to my room pretty fast, cause i had crutches and locked the door i couldn't do this to Niall, it was so selfish.

I fell on my bed pretty dramatically. I hear a yell and a knock on the door, "let me in Emma, i need to speak with you" it was Niall. "No, go away!" i yelled. "i didn't want to do this" he said. I heard rattling and he came in. I was crying into my pillow, he was holding a set of keys. He locked the door behind him, and sat down next to me. he patted my back and rubbed it. "its okay", he reassured. "no it's not, because of me your hurt" i said, still crying. "it isn't your fault" Niall said.

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