The Denial GAME *A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic*

A girl who has feelings for her friend became the story of this fan-fic. Like any other girl she is confused about it and scared to admit her feelings. She became a joke for everyone and a loser in fact. In this fan-fic there are hard beginnings, rough and unexpected things that show up in the middle of her road to success but the power of love had it over in a way of a DENIAL GAME.


2. Waking up ~ Bianca's POV

Bianca's P.O.V

A day once again for the people who reigns popularity and hmm let me think POPULARITY... Yup you guessed it right, SCHOOL. *sighed* Yup nowadays schools are like matchmaking places for jocks and queen bees, for nerds and nose picking dudes, and of course their is me the people who are loveless. Maybe i'm not loveless, maybe i'm just LOVED LESS. Hey there's a difference between those two. *sighs* Really it really needs an explanation!!. Fine loveless is an adjective and loved less is ehrmm a word. DONE!!. Yeah i'm the kind of girl who is shy to admit her feelings to her one true love, my Romeo. You wanna' know who's my Romeo? Alright just be quiet. Here it goes, It's LOUIS.There I said it. I have a crush on my best friend. I didn't admit this to Louis because I don't want to end our friendship like this. What if he doesn't feel the same way then i'll be embarrassed for my whole life and it would be creepy to still be friends with him if I admit it right away. I just need time that's all. *sighed* Talking to my imaginary friend Hazel whose sleeping at the ceiling. Yeah she's the only one who knew the whole secret because she's the only person I can trust correction shadow. I stared looking at the white ceiling practically thinking about Louis with those blueish-grey eyes and his smile that makes me have goosebumps when I look at it. Lying on the bed, with eyes open the alarm clock went ringing for it is a reminder on how my life would start. i looked at the time and then my mouth goes boom with umm words you don't want to hear. As I was saying those words I rushed to the shower and after that i get dressed. Jumped on my skateboard and waving mom goodbye. I ran out of the house without eating even a crumb of bread. 

Anyway back to the street, I ran my skateboard trying to catch  the bus but it seems that I get an F for being fast and for being on time. In short i didn't get in the bus. So I walked the rest of the way to school. I arrived around 8 in the school hall. Seems pretty typical eh? Well it's not. See on Gilmore High the classes starts in exactly 8 sharp and whenever you're late, you get a detention for a month. So I tiptoed my way to Mr. Brunners' class. Mr. Brunners is our Math teacher and good thing he's in the men's comfort room  to pee. I opened the door as quietly as I can and sneaked the rest to my seat near Louis. Did I mentioned what I look? No? Well I look like a boy (which is the style I prefer) with a black T-Shirt underneath my opened checkered polo, jeans, a pair of converse and to finish my look I wore my cap backwards. 

I asked Liam Payne. Yep the Liam Payne of One Direction for the pages of our seat-work  "191" Liam whispered, I thanked him and began answering the seat-work Mr. Brunners said to do.



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