The Denial GAME *A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic*

A girl who has feelings for her friend became the story of this fan-fic. Like any other girl she is confused about it and scared to admit her feelings. She became a joke for everyone and a loser in fact. In this fan-fic there are hard beginnings, rough and unexpected things that show up in the middle of her road to success but the power of love had it over in a way of a DENIAL GAME.


7. Still Cleaning and Complaining~ Chapter 7

It's still me! My Point of View... Damn I've been so tired for doing this piece of well let me just say ridiculously exhausted.

Cleaning a house for a week or two is pretty much. I don't know cleaning her huge house everyday must me a bone breaker and a muscle killer too. I feel unconscious but the good thing is we're done doing this chores. For my surprise still it wasn't the end of our chores as maids, there's still one more thing cleaning her horses' poop. I heard somebody asked if they have horses in their house. Well kinda.

So yeah we're stuck in the middle of horse poop. It smells great I said sarcastically cause seriously it wasn't. I started by getting a shovel and start digging. We, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and me notice that I didn't include Louis? Yeah because she's with the majesty, drinking tea at her balcony isn't that sweet while we are stuck in the middle of horse poop.

We finished i dunno know 1 in the morning cleaning all the poop and for extra service she added to clean her dad's belts. Seems easy eh well not cause based on my research, his dad wets his belts when peeing. So yeah in short we're like cleaning his dad's urine in a belt.

Coming home is the easiest part and the most exciting part of the day. Coming home smelling dog poop oh sorry horse poop, with all the poop at my feet and urine in my hands now that smells terrific.

My mothers asked me for my umm i dunno know fragrance, perfume or cologne. Ah the dead rats smell opps correction the horse poop. I can't still believe that they have horses in her house. Rich people.
And the conversation goes like this
(M~Mother and B~Me BIANCA!!)
M- What happened besides your smelly perfume?
B- haha funny. I helped out today ma
M- really who?
B- Donna Richards
M- Lemme guess, you're still on the duty are you?
B- *sigh*
M- look you don't have to do this.
B- Mom I know, I don't need to do this but it's for Louis. I love him
M- agree but does he love you back?
That 7 words strike me in the heart. I thanked mom for that 7 words of wisdom as I storm off the roof. Yeah the roof. I rethink what mom said before. She's right Louis doesn't love me and he never appreciates what I've done for him but who am I talking to. I'm Bianca Brown I never gave up even though it seems very impossible. I won't- I promised my self as I go into my room for some sleep.

Authors note:
Like it then favorite it. Yeah I'll try two chapter for this coz you know test test test all over the corner. I tried to sing it out loud the school with going to detention afterwards so yeah I'll try :D
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