The Denial GAME *A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic*

A girl who has feelings for her friend became the story of this fan-fic. Like any other girl she is confused about it and scared to admit her feelings. She became a joke for everyone and a loser in fact. In this fan-fic there are hard beginnings, rough and unexpected things that show up in the middle of her road to success but the power of love had it over in a way of a DENIAL GAME.


4. Ehem break ~ Bianca's P.O.V

Bianca's P.O.V

"The...Wha..HELL is she doing with him?' I said with a high pitched voice creating a tone in which you can really say i'm angry.

"Bianky calm down he's not yours so you don't have any rights to jealous" Niall said. Yep, the Irish boy, as I said earlier I've got great friends. "Well that's true" I agreed. You probably wondered who the hell knows about my crush well it would be the boys (of course except Louis) and my old imaginary friend Hazel the ceiling. 

"Vas Happenin' boys" Zayn greeted in the middle of our conversation between me and Niall. Again I have great friends, without wasting a single secong Zayn entered our conversation in which he became serious and quiet. I don't know why? 

"So what's happenin' mates?" He said again

"Nothing much" I replied but Niall seems to have another idea.

"She's been jealous of Louis flirting with Donna" Niall said while munching a whole donut. 

Zayn looked at me and somehow I denied and said "No I'm not". "Yes you are" is Niall's comeback. We've been repeating those sentences for ages then suddenly i gave up and said  " Well yes"

They cooed me but I managed to ignore them. Zayn asked "Why are you jealous?". "I don't know, it just don't feel right" I answered then the bell rung signaling us to get out of the room and to endure the cafeteria's chips and a bottle of pepsi for free. As I was going outside the room , I feel Louis' presence behind me and to confirm that it was him he jumped at my shoulders and by the texture of his hands I knew it was Louis. 

"So how's Donna" I said while I was trying to get the combination of my locker. "Okay 12-24-91" I whispered. " Umm Bien (my nickname) can you do me a favor?" Louis mumbled. "Yeah sure" I replied. "Umm Can you.." Louis again mumbled so I cut him off by saying "You want me to help you with Donna right" sarcastically and hoping that he would say no but unfortunately he nodded.  I was trying to control my temper for the fact that I have my locker open and shut it so loudly that the people turn their heads off to look what's that noise. It left me staring at the floor. 

While i was going to the lunch table with the gang somebody called me in the middle of lunch. They call lunch th creation of memories which i don't understand. \

Anyway I turned around but saw no one, everyone is engaged to a conversation. So I returned to my table with the chips and pepsi at my tray I saw Louis at my side giving Donna the "GLARE ATTACK" he used to have when he saw a girl he likes. We planned his courting for Donna which he didn't help and for that we made a plan worth for Louis and Donna. Since Louis and the boys are great singers they decided to sing at Donna's house in the evening probably aroung 9:00 pm. With that smooth they excused Louis from Donna who had been at her table while I was at the CR in need of total comfort. 

"Jealous' Zayn said

"No I'm not i just really need to pee" I once again denied the fact that I don't want to see Louis with Donna that near.

As I was going into a cubicle I heard the door slam hard and loud for that caused me to overhear a pretty interesting conversation between Melanie and Donna. Melanie is Donna's BFF, like Donna she is a complete major asshole.


I heard Melanie saying " I heard that you're having your EHEM break wiith

Donna replied by saying "With Louis?" she questioned

With a slot behind the cubicle door and the cubicle i can see Melanie nod and Donna followed saying " Yes I've been having the EHEM break with Louis" with just that they left the CR.

What was the EHEM break they're talking about I whispered to my mind expecting for an answer in which my mind was completely flat, bland, speechless for that moment.

As I opened the cubicle door slowly the noise of the door with the rust at the metal holding it arose the room that caused some people to notice me. I walked my way back to the cafeteria in a few steps I was flabbergasted.

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