The Denial GAME *A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic*

A girl who has feelings for her friend became the story of this fan-fic. Like any other girl she is confused about it and scared to admit her feelings. She became a joke for everyone and a loser in fact. In this fan-fic there are hard beginnings, rough and unexpected things that show up in the middle of her road to success but the power of love had it over in a way of a DENIAL GAME.


3. Captain Carrots ~ Louis' P.O.V

Louis' P.O.V

"I am Captain Carrots of Doncaster" I screamed while running past my sisters in boxers. They are playing superheroes. "Well we know that Louis" they said, "You need a reminder" I said kissing my mother's cheek and tickling my sisters' tummy . I waved goodbye and got myself inside the bus.  I sat near Donna Richards. Well obviously that's the only available seat. I don't know why everybody hates her she seems so nice.

I came to school wearing then usual jeans, striped shirt and a pair of TOMS. As I walked my way to the Math class, Donna surprised me. Well sorta', I can see it in her eyes that she is very thankful that I sat with her at the bus. I smiled and entered the room full of mischief and troublesome, Math room. I noticed Bianca wasn't there and Donna like to talk with me for a second, So I let her seat a while at Bianca's chair while she was gone.

"Hey" I said

"Hi" Donna replied

"So.." before I can even continue my sentence Mr. Brunners came into the room and the class became elegiac from being a hubbub.

While Mr. Brunners is giving us our worksheets, Donna gave me glares that I don't know what the hell it means. That glares turns me on and know i'm sure I like Donna Richards.


"Answer your worksheets class, I'll just go in the men's loo for a minute" Mr. Brunners said.

As Mr. Brunners walked his way to the men's loo, Bianca tiptoed her way into the class and silently arranged her stuff in her chair while getting a worksheet for today. Just before Mr. Brunners came, she had settled her worksheet and pencils neatly so it would look like she was already here. The conversation got funny when she insists that she was already been here before. The class gave a silent chuckle behind their faces.

With Mr. Brunners confused he submitted a 30 minute free time for him to recall what really happened. In short we just got 10 minutes of Maths for today and thank you Bianca! 


After thinking, I have the initiative to talk to Donna and little by little  admit that I have feeling for her. The small talk started with a lot of silence until she replied. I sat near her and said "He.." but for that third letter of hey I was again cut off. "Hey Tomlinsoff" Donna said. What the hell is TOMLINSOFF?!?!? She continued by adding, ".. I know I owe you but by looking at my sched I don't have to shed a single minute to talk to you" she said.

I really think she admires me with those glares but I was wrong. So I sat near Hazza and he started a conversation with me.

"I see you like Donna" Harry said entering my mind full of thoughts. 

"No I don't' I said denying the fact that it is.

Harry just gave me a are-you-sure look and I continued my sentenced into "Yeah is it obvious?"

Harry just nodded but continued by saying " You see your Donna girl is  a um slut, a bitch and a total wreck" he said carefully trying not to break my heart which it is but somehow I managed it and cut him off by saying.

"Well maybe she's not that bad bro"

He sighs. "I'm just warning you dude" Harry replied with a combination of different pen-taps taps (P.S I don't know what it means he just said before that pen-taps taps is the verb of doing a pen-tap. I don't know if it's true but let's trust on Harold) and just with that Math is over, next recces. "Where's Bianca?" I asked and Harry laughed. I asked why and he just said "Nothing much" 

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