The Denial GAME *A Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fic*

A girl who has feelings for her friend became the story of this fan-fic. Like any other girl she is confused about it and scared to admit her feelings. She became a joke for everyone and a loser in fact. In this fan-fic there are hard beginnings, rough and unexpected things that show up in the middle of her road to success but the power of love had it over in a way of a DENIAL GAME.


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Bianca and you should remember 3 things about me before I tell my story..

First, I am a straight honor student. I am the Valedictorian when I was in grade school and middle school.

Second, I am a tomboy. I like to play basketball, baseball and football.

Third, I have a friend named Louis Tomlinson. Yeah the famous fabuloso Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. I also became friends with Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn (the rest of the band members). I am a half Filipina and half American but I am a British citizen. Wow that was pretty confusing. Probably the most confusing thing you have ever heard. Well bad news it's not because this is only the beginning.

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