All Is Fair In Love And War

Hi my name is Alexis Bender, I've haven't had the greatest life. My parents died in a car crash when i was 7, I moved in with my Aunt Delphine but she died 5 years later. I kept on moving in with many of my relitives but all of them leave me. I finally ended up in my Uncle Simons house,yes the Simon Cowell. I met these young 5 lads and man those boys are nuts. We all go around the world for their tour and I'm not sure what will happen.... Want to know me Alexis better than go on ahead and read this book about A wild tale with me my friends and One Direction


8. Shes back

Harrys P.O.V

I was watching t.v but all of the shows we're in Italian. "Hey Harry, how are you feeling?" In the corner of my eye I saw a magazine article about me and my flings. Oh no, i hope they didn't tell about Caroline Flack. "They told in this Magazine about all of your past relationships." Did I say that out loud?" Yes you did." "Look Alexis what i said about me loving you wasn't a lie. I truly love you with all of my heart even though we haven't got to know each other." In the corner of her eye I saw a tear drop out of her eye. "That's one of the most sweetest things anybody has said to me. And Harry I right now don't have feeling's for either you or Louis but I am starting to." "Okay I understand. If you like Louis you will be with him, and if you like me you will be mine." "Indeed" And she gave me the cutest smile on earth. Her dimples we're showing too. "So Alexis i was wondering if you could go on a date with me while we're in Rome." "That sound's awesome!" I t thought she was gonna say no but thank gosh she didn't because when we we're on the plane i texted one of my old lads in Rome if he could set up a couple of thing's for our date. Yes i kinda planed ahead of time. I don't know why but it feel's like we have a bond..... *Wham!* " Oh Harry darling I missed you! I was looking everywhere for you until i saw your tweet saying "Not having the best time in Rome." Oh no! I already broke up with Taylor but she always stalks me. I had to fly to 5 countries to get her off my back

. Out of nowhere Taylor pulls me into a kiss. I tried to look at Alexis but when i saw her, many tears we're pouring out of her eyes and she stormed out of the room. I pushed Taylor off of me and tried to run to her but in my shoulder i felt like there we're a thousand of knifes jabbing into it so i fell down and screamed. A Old man in his 40's came running up to me and picked me up bridle style. Embarrassing. And put me back into my room and many nurses started to hook me up to many machines. Oh no.

Alexis P.O.V

How could Harry do that?! He was going to cheat on his girlfriend. I quickly stormed out of the hospital and the gang came out of the taxi at the same moment. "Alexis where are you going?!" Liam called out to me, but i didn't answer. I just kept running until i saw this club that was packed. I stormed inside the club while i heard the bouncer whistling at me. Gross. I went up to the bar tending stand and sat down."5 shots!" "Coming right up!" *2 minutes later* "Here are your 2 drinks." The bartender said in his accent. He looked about 25 and had black shot hair and a perfect tanned skin colour. "Thanks." "Its on the house." And I smiled happily while drinking all of the shots.*Ten minutes later of dancing.* This is amazing. Rome can par-tay! "Hey baby." A man in his 20's came up to me grinning. He was definitely wasted. "Hi," "come with me." And he dragged me with him outside to this dark alley. He suddenly pushed me to the wall and tried to kiss me but i slapped him. "You little.." And he almost kissed me until he fell to the ground cold. "Alexis are you alright?" "Is that you Liam?" "Yes." And I quickly ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. "Thank's Liam." "No problem lets get back to the others shall we?" "We shall." Then we both burst out laughing and we we're starting to walk back to the hospital.

A/N Hey people of movellas! Sorry it took me a while to update, i was busy. So how did you like this chapter? Tell me what you think! Please favourite and like this book. Also I'm co-authoring a book called "Love at first sight" So do you mind reading that too. Its  really good and please no hate. Me and my friend are working hard on it. So thats it! Nati's out!   

By the way im not a Haylor hater. Im in between. If you can understand that

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