All Is Fair In Love And War

Hi my name is Alexis Bender, I've haven't had the greatest life. My parents died in a car crash when i was 7, I moved in with my Aunt Delphine but she died 5 years later. I kept on moving in with many of my relitives but all of them leave me. I finally ended up in my Uncle Simons house,yes the Simon Cowell. I met these young 5 lads and man those boys are nuts. We all go around the world for their tour and I'm not sure what will happen.... Want to know me Alexis better than go on ahead and read this book about A wild tale with me my friends and One Direction


7. Rumors,Flashback and Miricle!

*Alexis P.O.V*
"HARRY!" I fell on my knees violently sobbing and all of the guys come except for Liam because be was calling a ambulance. "Ale-Alexis.... I love you." And his eyes shut. "Harry! You cant leave us please! For me." I put my hand on his chest and still felt his heartbeat. A couple minutes later an ambulance arrived and they put Harry on a streacher and lifted him in. A nurse came running out and said in italian "Hes asking for a girl named Alexis" and i quickly raise my hand and run in the ambulance. Harry was covered in all of this hosptal equiptment and he was losing alot of blood. He kept moaning "Alexis are you there. I-i love you." And whenever he said that many tears fell from my eyes. *Couple minutes later*. We arrived at the hospital and they rolled him into a room and told me to wait in the waiting area. I sat down sobbing and was praying to god that he would be alright. I still can't believe Seth did that. I hate his guts that bastard! I can't believe i dated that jerk. Uncle Si was always right. He was trouble.

*Flashback 3 years ago*
"Hey Lexi babe, ready for our date?" "Yeah i am!" I quickly got into his car and he was driving while drinking beer. It was an hour later until we stopped and we we're in an alley that was all dark with 3 other men. "Seth wh-whats happening?" "Shut up you slut! Get out of the car!" I was so intimidated by his drunk,angry voice i got out as fast as i could and went to Seth. The 3 men came closer and they started to touch me all over and Seth was laughing while drinking more beer. I tried to scream for help but no one heard. I got out of their grips and i was starting to run. I didnt know where but i had to get away from those rapists. I finally found a police station and told them what happened and they went out and arrested Seth but i saw in his Dark eyes Anger and revenge." I will get you Alexis if its the last thing i will ever do!"
*end of flashback*
That jerk had to come 3 years later when im going to go on tour and mend my heart again. I got out my phone and texted Jennifer
~Jennifer <3: Is Harry okay? Are you ok? We are stuck in traffic and it sucks. Never go in a taxi with 6 people.
~Alexis/Lexi <3: I havent got any news yet and if i do i will text you ASAP ok. And goodluck in a packed taxi :p.
*Hour later*
Its still been an hour but no news. I picked up a magazine and saw The boys on the magazine. I read the article and it was about how Harry had many flings and it told about Louis break up with his Ex girlfriend Eleanor. I felt bad for Louis but i was kinda doubting what Harry said about him loving me. A tanned woman with black hair comes up to me and askes me in Italian " Are you Alexis Bender with Harry Styles?" I replied yes and she told me that he was alright but his shoulder would still hurt so he had to take medicine for the pain. I was very glad at the moment until i get an Unknown text
~Unknown: Hello my love. I see your at the hospital right now waiting for that Curly haired freak. I would love to kill you but i want to have some fun with it. Dont tell anybody about these messages. Or else.
Oh no! Now what? I ask the lady for Harrys room and she tells me its room 9412 and i run right to it. When i open up the door i quickly text Jennifer and Jazz the news and i spot Harry laying down staring at the T.V screen. I should confront him about the magazines and stuff just to see if they we're real or fake.

*Sorry for the bad chapter. I tried my best but im so tired right now. Please comment about what you think and please Favourite and Like this book. I would really like it. ~Nati
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