All Is Fair In Love And War

Hi my name is Alexis Bender, I've haven't had the greatest life. My parents died in a car crash when i was 7, I moved in with my Aunt Delphine but she died 5 years later. I kept on moving in with many of my relitives but all of them leave me. I finally ended up in my Uncle Simons house,yes the Simon Cowell. I met these young 5 lads and man those boys are nuts. We all go around the world for their tour and I'm not sure what will happen.... Want to know me Alexis better than go on ahead and read this book about A wild tale with me my friends and One Direction


4. Meeting new faces and flight

*Alexis point of view*

Almost done..... Where is my lucky pendant?! I rushed to my big,brown wodden dresser and checked the first drawer.... Nope how about the second..... Nope but heeeey i found spare change. Now lucky third drawer.... Yes! Found it! It belonged to my mother and in it if you open it theres a picture of my mom and dad in it. I zipped up my suitcase and was done packing. Jennifer and Jazz texted me at the same time that they were done.
~Jazz<3 Hey Gurl im done my packing! Cant wait to travel with one direction! Cya at the airport!
~Jennifer<3<3 Oh hey im done packing. Cant wait to meet you and Zayn! Oh i mean all of the guys ;p. Cya Carrot princess!
I laughed at the last part Jen said and replied to each of them that i was done. I got my bag and rushed downstairs to see Louis and Harry dancing to Dance Centrel 5 limited edition! I have to try that out. And we have 1 hour and thirty minuted until we leave to the airport. Louis is doing this move called stop and let them through i think and Harry is screwing the lightbulb and patting a dog(not a real dog! Watch their video diaries) 5 minutes later:
Louis P.O.V
Yes! The swagmasta from Doncaster won! Now since Alexis challenged me i must accept it. Its on like donkey kong as liam would say. She picked the song Va va voom by Nicki Manaj and put both of ours on hard. When she pressed start she was dancing so fast. She dances like a pro while i was doing my signiture moves+all of the boy moves. We we're neck'n neck until she did the splits which shocked us all and she did a backflip and landed on her feet and that made her get like a thousand more points than me. "Game over. Loser is Swagmasta and Winner is Alexis the winner." Shes really good at dancing. Theres alot of stuff we need to know about Alexis.
"Come on everybody we have to go to the airport and meet Alexis friends then get on the flight and leave." Liam says while opening the door. " Where is our first stop Bu.. I mean Liam?" Alexis asks while bringing her suitcase down the stairs."Nu-uh-uh. Thats a surprise until we get to the Airport." "Bye Uncle Si! I will text you and skype okay?" And i hear him say bye and alright from his office. We all get our bags and Alexis is still trying to get her bag." I will help her. You guys go to the car we're coming." Harry says, "alright but hurry!" Niall said yelling from our Orange Van.
*Harrys Point of view*
I was below the stairs about to go and help Alexis until she fell of of the last five steps and i quickly catch her bridal style."You alright there babe?" I asked her with concern. But she didnt answer.
*Alexis P.O.V*
His eyes are so beautiful and his curls are to die for. Wait am i falling for this singer. No. Relationships with celebraties always end up in heartbreak and misery. "Are you alright babe?" He asks with concern. Nobody calls me babe! They only call me Alexis or the partier or, the crazy wild maniac. "Yeah i am. And please,please dont call me babe." I get out of his hold and get to my suitcase and walk to their car while Harry followed

*Sorry it took a bit. I wanted to add more. The next part might be short cause im typing this in the middle of the morning. Congrats to the 2 people that won. Sorry i forgot your names but i remember your character names. Im gonna stop this.Read this more*

~skip the drive~
We all got into the Freeflyers airport(couldnt think of anything else) and we're trying to find Jazz and Jennifer. Wait i see them both coming and by the looks of Niall and Zayn they both do like them.

*Nialls P.O.V
I was cracking jokes to Zayn and he was laughing. We both we're facing the doors so when this Beautiful girl came in and she was laughing. She has such a bubbly personality that anybody would love. This girl might be my princess. She walked up to us and said "Hi your Niall right. Im Alexis friend Jazz." "H-he-hello Jazz. And yes im Niall, Niall Horan." She smiled and walked to Alexis and hugged her. "Hey Alexis! Cant wait! Where is the food im starving?" I mentally laughed in my head and knew i really did fancy her.

Zayns P.O.V
I was laughing with Niall untill i saw the most beautifullest girl on earth. She was laughing along with this girl beside her and my oh my she is stunning. Her black, kinda brown hair was flowing back and forth and she looked like a girly girl which was ok with me. On her arm she has a tattoo of a star just like the girl beside her but its on her wrist and on Alexis it was on her neck. The girls came up to me and Niall and the girl i was staring at asked "Um hi are you Zayn? Im Alexis bestfriend Jennifer." "Ah yes I am Zayn. Jennifer is such a beautiful name for a beautiful girl," then she started blushing. That looks so cute. "Im going to go say hi to the rest of the lads and Alexis. Nice meeting you." And she was off to Alexis. "Hey Carrot girl! How are you? Cant wait to go on tour with 5 lads especially with Zayn." Alexis immediatly starts laughing and im not trying to laugh no i put my hand on my mouth which made it worse so i laughed a chuckle and Liam looked at me like i was nuts. He doesnt know how nuts i am for this girl.

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