All Is Fair In Love And War

Hi my name is Alexis Bender, I've haven't had the greatest life. My parents died in a car crash when i was 7, I moved in with my Aunt Delphine but she died 5 years later. I kept on moving in with many of my relitives but all of them leave me. I finally ended up in my Uncle Simons house,yes the Simon Cowell. I met these young 5 lads and man those boys are nuts. We all go around the world for their tour and I'm not sure what will happen.... Want to know me Alexis better than go on ahead and read this book about A wild tale with me my friends and One Direction


9. Love is in the air

Alexis P.O.V

We got to the hospital a couple minutes later and when Liam and i arrived to the hospital, we got mobbed by the paparazzi. I was claustrophobic so i didn't feel that well. "Liam, Alexis! Are you both dating!?" "Alexis! I heard that Louis and Harry got into a fight because of you, is this true?!" The paparazzi said in Italian. "Stop it please!" Liam said in a kind of harsh voice. A couple minutes of fighting through the paparazzi we made it to the hospital. "Alexis are you alright love?" I just let that through because i honestly felt like barfing." I'm fine, i just need to relax." I said while sitting down on the sidewalk. Liam sat right beside me and we both we're looking at the beautiful scenery of Rome. A while later with many awkward pauses, I heard people behind us yelling. "Stop! I know ti kwon do!" I got up and faced the people but when I turned around I saw my old friend Angel on the floor laughing. I knew her since i was a child, we both we're together since pre-school. I ran up to Angel and fell on top of her and i started to laugh. I was about to introduce Liam to Angel but when i saw him, he ran into the hospital. Strange..... "Happy Valentines day! I missed you!" Angel said. "Oh my goodness, I forgot it was Valentines day, many things already happened...." "Really? What happened?" "I'll tell you about it on a walk." "Alright, just text your friends first about where you're going." " Okay, and hey don't you think this has been a long day." "Yeah!" "By the way Angel, how did you come to Rome?" "Oh yeah, Uncle Simon told me and helped me onto his private jet " " that's sweet of Uncle Si." "Yeah, now come on before the sunsets, I want to show you something..." " Okay calm your self."

Liams P.O.V

I can't be thinking about Angel, I'm with Danielle. I should call Danielle and tell her about this.*phone call convo* "Hi darling look, i.." "I want to brake up with you." "But Danielle, why?" " I'm actually dating Taylor Lautner." "I hate werewolves, well alright then, i understand." "I am so sorry Liam, can we still be friends?" " Okay, bye." *Liam hangs up quickly* Well i am heartbroken that Danielle left me for a werewolf but I am so thrilled that i can maybe make a move on Angel. I truly do fancy Angel.

A/N Sorry for the short chapter, i was quite busy. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I AM FOREVER ALONE! AND I AM PROUD OF IT, BYE

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