All Is Fair In Love And War

Hi my name is Alexis Bender, I've haven't had the greatest life. My parents died in a car crash when i was 7, I moved in with my Aunt Delphine but she died 5 years later. I kept on moving in with many of my relitives but all of them leave me. I finally ended up in my Uncle Simons house,yes the Simon Cowell. I met these young 5 lads and man those boys are nuts. We all go around the world for their tour and I'm not sure what will happen.... Want to know me Alexis better than go on ahead and read this book about A wild tale with me my friends and One Direction


5. Flight Gone SO Wrong

*Jennifers P.O.V*

Zayn is so cute and I hope I sit beside him. We all get our luggage and head to their private jet. When we got out there on the Jet was a Carrot that says ONE DIRECTION and Alexis honestly loves Carrots more than skittles. When she comes out last she falls to her knees and bows down and chanted "Oh mighty carrot i love you!" Louis looked at her with goo goo eyes and fell down with her and started to do that too. After five minutes they we're done and we got on the plane and I'm so happy I got to sit beside Zayn. He was on twitter and he was reading some bad tweets which made him sad." Its okay Zayn. Dont listen to the Directionators. Listen to the directioners." I got his white Iphone and scrolled down and found many good tweets. When I showed it to Zayn he smiled and kissed my cheek. Oh my flippin god! He kissed me on the cheek. Calm down you look like your gonna jump out of your seat. Im gonna talk to Alexis now.


*Harrys Point of view*

I took my seat waiting for Alexis to get down with her bag,as she sat down next to me she smiled at me. I saw Louis come onto the plane I was hoping he wouldn't sit near us I had a feeling he likes Alexis too. As he was walking through the isle he smiled at Alexis and sat down next to her,she was in the middle,me by the window and Louis took the isle seat. The others we're already on the plane,as Louis sat his bag on top of the bar thing he sat back down smiling at her and whispering something into her ear. I could tell this flight was gonna be long.




I sat in the middle of Louis and Harry I felt something weird setting there,like anger in the air. As the plane took off,I felt my stomach drop. I've always hated plane rides,I get bad feelings while being in the air like something would happen to the plane. I felt someone grab my hand and looked over and saw Harry smiling at me "It will be fine" He spoke. I nodded trusting him. I looked over at Louis and saw he was watching Harry with anger spread all over his face.


I still sat between the two boys,Louis had been watching the other way now. I didn't know what was up with them,all of a sudden. I bumped Louis' arm,trying to get him to play along,he didn't budge. I looked down playing with my fingers when I felt my arm being hit,I looked up to see Louis smirking. As I bumped his arm back he laughed slightly,he then started to tickle me like crazy. I couldn't help but,to laugh I hated being tickled. As he was tickling me,I heard Harry say something and Louis stopped. I looked back and forth at them as they stared eachother down.


They we're both watching eachother with anger in their eyes,I didn't know what was happening. "What did you say" Louis asked "I said stop touching her" He spoke "And you're gonna make me,Harry?" He asked "I will stop touching her" He yelled. I saw Louis stand up as Harry did "Then come on do something" Louis said putting his arms out "You need to sit down,sir" The flight attendant said to Louis,he ignored he request and watched Harry. "You think I'm gonna fight you" Harry laughed "You sounded like it" Louis spoke "I said just don't touch her again she doesn't want that" Harry said.


As Louis was standing there dumbfounded at Harry's words,Harry smirked. They we're fighting over me? Why would they fight over me? "Guys stop" I whispered they ignored me and kept going,I looked and saw that the other boys we're staring at us. Louis grabbed my hand kissing it and sitting it down "i touched her" He spoke I saw Harry throw a punch hitting Louis in the face,I gasped as he did that "Stop" I yelled Louis wipe his lip,balancing on his feet now. "Harry" I yelled as he punched Louis once again,I saw Louis throw his fist getting Harry in the chin. Harry somehow tackled Louis to the floor throwing punches at him,I covered my mouth as I watched Louis get hit,he dodged half of them. As Liam threw Harry off of Louis,Louis went after Harry now getting him to the floor and puncing him. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw Niall,Liam and Zayn getting them off of eachother as they got them apart thye we're still trying to get eachother. Liam holding Harry by the shoulder,Zayn holding Louis by the arms and Niall standing in the middle of them.


As Harry got away from Liam passing Niall by throwing him to the ground he got to Louis again punching him in the stomach,I sat in shock as Louis brought his foot up kicking Harry where the sun doesn't shine. "Guys stop you're scaring Alexis" Liam yelled I saw them stop fighting and looked up at me. I saw the anger fade from their eyes and turn into guilt. "Alexis we're so-" I cut them off  "Just don't" I said holding my hand up walking to the back of the plane. I heard Jazz and Jennifer come running behind me,how was I gonna put up with their fighting on this tour?

                                                                                                                                    ~Harold's Girl



*Good or bad? Coommmmmeeentttt,it would mean alot to us,to get some feedback*


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