Today is Valentines day and I am spending it by my self like alway. When I choose to go to the movie. I turn around to see who is making loud noise. When I do I see harry style and one direction


1. Home alone

Olivias pov
I was home alone on valantines sad huh well I was going to spent it with my boyfriend we were going to Australia then he said he was going to the bathroom I said okay then he was gone for a while so I go look for him then I found him he was sucking the face off of some slut so I broke up with him now I am alone but back at home. Anyway I want to go to the movie and drive The London's best movie thetre when I am waiting in line I hear these noises so I turn around to see these guy then I remember then off a bus it was one direction. I just turn back and wait for the line to move. I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn to see Harry styles saying " hi iam Harry and you are?" I reply " Olivia " then smile then he asks " Olivia do you wanna hangout with us coz' it is valantines day and you look lonely " I think about it then remember he is a stranger and reply " sorry I don't know you so no thanks" and turn back but he says " well its not like we are killer we're famous there will be bodyguards come on" with that he grab my hand and lead me over to them but they have to go so me and Harry see the note book in the middle we are just talking then we are laughing when we stop we are look into each others eyes then I see him lean in I lean in too in second we are kissing deeply.
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