Oath (a Niall Horan fan fiction)

The room they were into starts to fill the air with tension. Even if they were just the two of them inside, it makes them both feel that it was crowded and claustrophobic. The mess in their room makes the situation shoddier, books and pieces of paper was strewn on the floor, dirty clothes can be found everywhere. But what would you expect in all boys high school dorm right?


1. 0ne Shot




"Bullshit!" Niall Horan wasn't fond of using foul words, but for the mean time it was the only word that keeps on coming out of his mouth.

"Bullshit! How can you do this to me?" his voice was getting higher and louder.

The room they were into starts to fill the air with tension. Even if they were just the two of them inside, it makes them both feel that it was crowded and claustrophobic. The mess in their room makes the situation shoddier, books and pieces of paper was strewn on the floor, dirty clothes can be found everywhere. But what would you expect in all boys high school dorm right?

"Niall, calm down I-I can explain" Her voice began to tremble; she had never seen Niall so mad before. She stepped backwards and leaned on the wall, she needed support that time. She was afraid that she might collapse on the heat of their conversation, mix emotions filled her chest but she was sure enough it was shame, anguish, shame and more tormenting pain.

"Explain what? I know everything already!"

He was right; she is already caught in the act. She just can't make her best friend calm down; Niall was at the peak of his rage that he can’t any longer break things inside the room because he already destroyed them all.

“There’s no need for talking! And what’s the point of it? You’re just going to tell me more lies”

And another truth just shattered her heart into pieces, He was right, for the second time.

“You know what?” he knew he was being a jerk but he couldn’t stop. He had to take it all off his system absolutely, totally all.

“If you hadn’t messed up at the starting of the school year nothing of this would’ve happened! It was way easier before! It’s my senior year, I was friends with everybody, I have a perfect girlfriend that broke up with me because of you, I shouldn’t have found you or-or- I shouldn’t even make friends with you and everything would have been alright! Fuck it all for god’s sake!”

He emptied his brains out, he was contented and he felt much better than before. But when he looked at her face he knew he had gone too far.

Her head starts to heat up; she was getting hurt from what Niall is talking about, she wants to defend herself and notify her reasons. Her words were full of lies and none of the stories she told Niall was true, but she was certain for one thing, it was real and she wants him to know it.

 “Will you listen to me for just one second?!” and yes, she loses her cool. Niall really stopped for a second. He was surprised to see her flinch.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you! Or-or to fool you or to-to” she paused. She was already out of reasons, she wanted to say more but her tongue rolled back. Maybe she didn’t want to say those words; maybe her mind wanted her to go straight to the point.

“I did all this things for you Niall!” She blurted. That’s it, she said it already. Happy now conscience?

His face fell, he was dumbfounded for all of a sudden. Me? Why me? He kept on wondering why his best friend whom he treated as his own brother was actually a girl. She was known as “Robert Higgins” for four months and there she goes confessing something that he doesn’t want to know. Saying she was sorry for anything that she can’t bear to live like this anymore, confessing that it was her fault why Olivia broke up with him. He knew it was her that caused their break up. Four months had passed and it was just now he learned her secret. He sat down on the bed, his knees weakened after hearing those words. He was starting remember things and he was afraid that she might be the one.

“For me?” he scratched his head. It was the only coherent thing Niall could articulate. His dirty blonde hair has never been this messy before, his uniform was wrinkled, he was drenched in cold sweat and he began to calm down.

“Yes for you” She can’t take this anymore, tears began to fall from her brown eyes. Looking at her makes him feel sorry for her. She was holding her dark brown wig; her long messy auburn hair was all over her face. Her uniform was crease and soiled her necktie was loose; some of the buttons of her uniform was left open. No matter how hard he looked at her thinking that this was the guy he treated as his best friend he just can’t find any other words to say how much it hurts. He wanted to scream but he knew there was nothing left at his voice for he already consume it a while ago. He wanted to punch more walls but his hands were already bleeding from hitting it harder while his temper was on a roll. He just wanted to make things right for the both of them.

“Just get out of here…” he said weakly.


“Out!...I don’t want to see your fucking face ever again!” he was getting tired of everything, he just wanted a goodnight sleep for the mean time. He was tired of seeing her cry for it makes him more difficult to hate her.

He pushed her out of his room and slammed the door stridently.

Knowing that Niall was seriously mad at her, she walked towards the quiet hallway and proceeded to her own room. It was 11:30 in the evening when their discussion ended. She closed the door quietly and weakly slides herself, crying. She realized how dumb she was for following the guy she loved for the rest of her life. Yes, call her anything you want a stalker, a stupid follower, a shadow, an obsessed whore but can you blame her for being in-love?

Since she was a child she dedicated her whole life watching a blonde boy from a distance.

 “Mollie your soo ugly the world would end!” the boy together with his friends around her laughed so hard. She wanted to cry that time but she knew the more she shows her weakness the more the children around her will make fun of her. She pushed the boy hard and run as fast as she could just to get away from those bullies. Exhausted from running, she saw a big tree and decided to rest under it. She knew she was lost from the park but she didn’t care for all she knew was she will never see that bullies again.

“Mollie this and Mollie that” she hits the tree beside her.

“Why are you so ugly?” she hits the tree harder.

“I hate myself..I wish I was somebody else” and she burst into tears.

“They will only keep on hurting you if you think like that” she heard a voice that was coming from the other side of the tree.

She walks around the other side to see who is talking and finds a boy resting under the tree.

“Oh…sorry I just can’t help to barge in but you’re not treating yourself right you know that?” he sits down and noticed that the little girl raised her eyebrows on him.

“What do you know about? You’re also just a kid” she was still mad so she answered rudely. She knew he was just trying to cheer her up.

“I know I’m a kid, but at least I know myself and I love being myself” the boy continued to talk.

“I know you’re getting mad at me but try to treat yourself right and love yourself, you’ll see the difference”

But before she could reply, the boy was already on his feet running away.

“Hey it’s Niall by the way!” he was already meters away but she clearly saw that he was smiling at her. Mollie was changed that very day.  

Mollie never fails to smile whenever she remembers that first day she met him. She thought that watching him every day was the only way she could return him the favor of making her realize bigger things in life. She stands and sits at the end of her bed. She wiped her tears and looked at the mirror beside her nightstand, her eyes were red and her hair was messy. She grabbed the hair brush on the table and brushed her long hair. She looked around her room and saw many photographs of her dressing up as “Robert Higgins” together with her best friend Niall. She looked at each of the pictures and saw that Niall was very happy with her. But maybe the time has come to end all her fantasies.

“Niall doesn’t need me anymore” she looked deeply at the suitcase above her closet and turned off the lights.

It was a snowy January in St. Jacques Academy, the students were strolling around the field and some of them were playing football. It was a Saturday morning and Mollie’s room was pretty busy, she was packing her bags and ready to leave the school any second.


“Hey Robert it’s me William”

“Come on in” a masculine voice replied.

“Whoa!” instead of finding a guy inside his classmate’s room, he saw a girl, a brunette girl wearing a green knee-length dress holding a bag and smiling directly at him.


“Yes William…and um could you help me bring the suitcase down? It’s kinda heavy”

“s-sure” it was the only word her former classmate can reply. He didn’t want to ask more question for he knew he will never understand it. He just scratched his forehead awkwardly and carries the suite case out her room.

A soft music was playing thru the speakers at the top every schools pillar. Mollie looked around her and cherishes everything she sees at the last day of her school. She even saw herself together with Niall laughing at the corridors. She woke up from her daydream when she was distracted at the sudden change of music thru the speaker, from a mellow piano sound it was diverted from strums of a guitar. She walked faster cause she knew she will only remember Niall every time she will hear a guitar playing, it was their favorite past time whenever they have no classes.

“My best friend, best friend till the very end” a voice began to sing at the background.

“Cause best friend, best friends don’t have to pretend”

“You need a hand and I’m right there right beside you”

“You in the dark, I’ll be bright light to guide you”

“Laughing so damn hard, crashed your friends new car”

“All the scars we share, I promise I swear”

She stopped. She was sure it was Niall singing at the DJ’s room.

“Wherever you go just always remember”

“That you got a home for now and forever”

“And if you get low just call me whenever”

“This is my oath to you”

Tears began to fall from her eyes. She doesn’t know how to react.

“Ah…Mollie Umm I just want to let you know that…” Niall was speaking thru the speakers. Mollie never thought Niall would have the courage to do that.

“Ever since I saw you under the tree on a summer afternoon ten years ago, you are still my first love”

Her heart nearly stops after hearing those words.

 “What? Niall knows me after all? But how?” she thought.

“And please…don’t go without saying goodbye” there was a loud mic feed back on the background. A “hey where are you going?” can also be heard thru the speakers. A loud slamming of the door ended the commotion inside the studio.

Mollie can’t believe what was happening. And in a jiffy Niall was right behind her panting.

“Hey” it was the only greeting he could manage to give her. He was really running out of breath.

“You stupid little!” she punched Niall who was clearly off guarded and falls to the floor. Yes she was a girl but she was a guy for four months remember?

“What were you thinking? You’re embarrassing me!” she was on top of him hitting him with her fist. Niall sighed, letting his head rest on the floor. She also stopped her aggression and she was just now on his chest sobbing. He gently puts his hand on her back and sighed again. It was quiet for a few seconds.

“I love you” Niall said, finally breaking the silence.

What?” she managed to reply despite of all the blood rushing on her cheeks.

“I love you” Niall repeated. Wow, it was easier than he thought it would be. He felt Mollie tightened the grip on his shirt.

“Say it again” she said in a soft voice.

“I… love you?” Niall made a confused sound. Maybe it wasn’t that easy. He started to feel nervous.

“Really?” she asked, raising her head to met Niall’s teary eyes. She grabbed Niall’s head “Really?”

Niall nodded.

“Y-yeah” from nervous, Niall was starting to feel scared. He knew she could be very violent; she was kinda violent when she was still a guy and who knows for she was now herself. Mollie looked serious, and scary. And awfully perfect, her light brown hair was messy and her cheeks were deep red.

“If you are lying, I'll kill you” she lowered her head and kissed him. Niall didn't react immediately. He was surprised. Sure, he liked Mollie. But he didn't expect her to kiss him out of the blue. But before he could think over that, he found himself responding to her lips. He pressed her small body against his own and realized she was the perfect girl for him.

“I love you Niall”

“I love you more”

It was a snowy January morning in St. Jacques Academy.

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