Mansion of Theives

Alex has been hunted down by a pack of blood thirsty thieves. The mansion of theives is his new home. The only problem is the head of the mansion is also his father and knows all his weak points. Alex needs to leave, on one condition. His steals the crown jewels.....


2. The Mansion of theives

When I opened my eyes I was here. Luckily I had my 50p notebook Ben had given me for christmas. Ben, I wonder what he's doing now? Probably sleeping! Like every other sane person. I bet mums out of her mind with worry. I need to free myself now!

Wait there's a noise, foot steps! A key turn in a lock! I must hide you!

I'm back in a grand state bedroom, there's guards at my door and a beautiful maid giving me a head massage. I'm at the mansion of thieves! The police would give a arm and a leg to find this place. They never will though, no one in the outside world looks in. So I've been let in, they all think that I've gone bad, I haven't of course. I couldn't face going back into that dungeon again!

Malena's left now, she's the maid she's ever so pretty. A good thief too. I am supposed to be attending a meeting soon. I do hope she comes too!
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