Mansion of Theives

Alex has been hunted down by a pack of blood thirsty thieves. The mansion of theives is his new home. The only problem is the head of the mansion is also his father and knows all his weak points. Alex needs to leave, on one condition. His steals the crown jewels.....


4. The Little Job

Back to the visit he payed me. I begged him to let me out! I cried I wept I screamed. In fact I through a toddlers temper tantrum. He laughed though and said that I would leave eventually, if I helped him with a little job. I know that little job is going to be stealing something. I want to be home for christmas so much but I know that it is impossible. In fact for all I know it might even be Christmas now!

That's quite a good point actually how long have I been here? Is it still christmas eve? I hope so, if I miss christmas mum would be devastated. Wait theres the foot steps again, I must dash as if they confiscate you I will go insane.

It was dad again. I must stop calling him that! He doesn't deserve to be part of my family! Anyway he told me of the little job I had to do and put me back into the state bedroom and locked the door. With bars over the window there is no escape. If I ever want to leave this place then I'm going to have to help him with his little job.
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