Mansion of Theives

Alex has been hunted down by a pack of blood thirsty thieves. The mansion of theives is his new home. The only problem is the head of the mansion is also his father and knows all his weak points. Alex needs to leave, on one condition. His steals the crown jewels.....


5. The crown jewels

His little job. The job which has me curled up in a ball hyperventilating on the floor. The job which must be completed tomorrow on christmas day. If I don't help then I'm stuck in that dungeon forever.

The job which he expressed as little and easy is. Tomorrow while the queen is making her grand speech and everyone is glued to their screens, a group of tanks (massive 6 foot men) and me will make our way to the tower of London. When we are there the tanks will take out the guards and all I will have to do is slip in and pinch the crown jewels. To stop me running away or backing out my father will accompany me with his gun pressed to my head. Yay.

He told me to try and sleep as tomorrow will be a busy day! Try and sleep please! T make matters a whole lot worse, if I don't steal the crown jewels then not just I will be killed but they will take my mothers life too...
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