Mansion of Theives

Alex has been hunted down by a pack of blood thirsty thieves. The mansion of theives is his new home. The only problem is the head of the mansion is also his father and knows all his weak points. Alex needs to leave, on one condition. His steals the crown jewels.....


3. My Father

You would never guess who came to visit me then!
My father, I know that you normal people who have the average family see both your parents numerous times a day. The last time I saw my father he kidnapped me!
Let me give you a small record of my father.
He met my mum in high school, she was getting good grades and in the running for head girl until my father came along! He ruined everything! He was and still is a 6ft, 6 pack hotty!
She fell head over heels in love with him and when after a month asked her to join his gang she could hardly refuse!
This was it the gang (minus my mum) committed a major robbery, my mum had no idea but the following week attended their meeting to be ambushed by the police. The police presumed she was involved in the robbery threw her and the rest of the gang on the cells for three years. During those three years she gave birth to myself in the mother and baby section of the prison were I spent the first year of my life.
My father as gang leader was meant to be locked up for 5 years but down t good behaviour got let out early. He has stayed low until now.
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