Mansion of Theives

Alex has been hunted down by a pack of blood thirsty thieves. The mansion of theives is his new home. The only problem is the head of the mansion is also his father and knows all his weak points. Alex needs to leave, on one condition. His steals the crown jewels.....


1. They're back

The noose dug painfully into my throat. Whenever I breathed I inhaled the toxic from the gag. The cold drip of sewage water ran down my neck. Why a I in this mess?
I shall tell you, I'm here because I didn't listen. I never listen so I always find myself in trouble.

It's the gang, who else would it be? I tried to end this war once and for all but it didn't seem to work. They may have won the battle but they haven't won the war (yet).

I woke up at a unearthly hour monday morn, not any old Monday but the monday of christmas eve. Mother had told me the night before that they had escaped from jail, with help from my father. She was terrified, but I as usual kept a brave face (until I was alone).You can't blame me, when you know that a gang of thugs are after you you might feel a little intimidated. There are four of them (Billy hardly counts as he lacks a brain) and only one you.

Mother told me to change my name, wear a wig, pretend to be a girl. I was having non of it. So early Monday morning I grabbed my coat a silently left the house. As I walked alert through the dead streets my hand began to tremble, I was frightened. I was about to turn back and head home to enjoy christmas as a girl when a cold heavy hand rested on my shoulder. "son," that one word sent a shiver down my spine. "sleep well."
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