Nonchalantly Being Ignorant

"I have never been truly familiar with One Direction. My friends talked about them, but what do I care? They're obsessed. I'm not." Join Ellie, Beatrice, and Eunice in their new school in London--- with One Direction.


13. Stop making things complicated. Please?

Niall and Zayn barge in and start throwing questions at me. "What's this about not going to prom?!?" Zayn screams at me. "What about it?" I ask angrily. "Porterfield. Answer my question." "I'm not going. I need not elaborate. There's nothing to it. I am simply not going." Niall sits down and whines, "But whyyyy?" I don't want to repeat my speech anymore so I'm like, "Stop making things complicated, Blondie. Please? I'm just not going." "But whyyyy?" Zayn's like, "But whyyyy?" too, so I'm like, "Hey where's Harry? Am I the only one who notices that he's always gone?" Liam laughs. "Probably makin' out with T-Swizzle or something." You just HAD to answer my question, didn't you, Liam Payne? "But, Ignorance. I want you there. I want to be your date and dance with you and maybe even kiss you," Zayn says. That's sweet, but... ew. Niall's turn. "I want you to be mine." Louis starts making all these barfing noises and we laugh and all that, and it's sweet, but I just... can't. I smile. "I'm not going. Deal with it." 

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