Nonchalantly Being Ignorant

"I have never been truly familiar with One Direction. My friends talked about them, but what do I care? They're obsessed. I'm not." Join Ellie, Beatrice, and Eunice in their new school in London--- with One Direction.


12. So everyone's like, "What?!?" and I'm like, "LOL."

Liam was holding hands with Eunice and Beatrice with Louis. "Whaaaaaat?!? WHY?!?" Beatrice screams a lil' bit. "You are being fought over by ZAYN MALIK and NIALL HORAN, Adelle Porterfield. They're like, 2/5 Direction and they're so cool and you're just going to let that go?" Eunice hollers. Liam looks at her with this weird look, and so Eunice tries to save the day by saying "But I still love you baby" and kisses his cheek. I start my speech. "I'm not going to prom because of the jealous girls that call me a 'slut' or 'whore.' It hurts because I'm not even doing anything to them. I didn't choose to be in this situation. I can't pick because.... well I don't know why. The point is, those girls are taking away my choice. I'm indecisive, and that sucks, but I don't want to get hurt, so I'm not going." Everyone listened attentively. Louis breaks the ice. "Ellie, I love you, and you're like a sister to me..." "Get to the point, Boo-Bear," I mock him. He rolls his eyes. "...all I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't let those girls get to you. They're just jealous." I know that. Doesn't he think I know that? omg louis. I nod. "Yeah, that doesn't change my mind." 

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