Nonchalantly Being Ignorant

"I have never been truly familiar with One Direction. My friends talked about them, but what do I care? They're obsessed. I'm not." Join Ellie, Beatrice, and Eunice in their new school in London--- with One Direction.


11. Prove It

I am so jealous of my two best friends. They've got their prom planned out, while I'm here, thinking. And thinking. And thinking. 3:44 AM, says the clock. Liam's got Eunice, Louis' got Beatrice, and Harry has Taylor [Swift, thank you very much]. Niall and Zayn... well, they're fighting over me. One day at school, the three of us were just talking about... stuff, and all these other girls were giving me the evil eye. Probably found out about the whole Zayn/Niall fiasco. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS. Who do I like more? is the question. Niall goes up to me and gives me a bouquet of roses. PINK. "One point, Blondie, " I say smiling, and taking the roses. "So NOW will you go to prom with me?" I shake my head. "We'll see." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LINEBREAKBCYOLOYOLOYOLOYOLOSWAG---------------------------"Ignorance." "Zayn Malik." That's our only interaction today. He's trying that whole "I'll ignore you and it'll make you crazy and you'll love me soon enough" technique on me. Well joke's on him, it's not working. Maybe I'll actually GO with Niall. It's been really hard to choose. I like them both. Really much. Does that make me a whore? UGH. I'm tired of all the girls at school calling me names all because I had to meet stinking ONE DIRECTION. "We don't want you at prom, you slut," one girl tells me. "Niall and Zayn? Really? You don't deserve any of them," the other says. Ouch. Okay, I've made my decision. I'M NOT GOING TO PROM.

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