Nonchalantly Being Ignorant

"I have never been truly familiar with One Direction. My friends talked about them, but what do I care? They're obsessed. I'm not." Join Ellie, Beatrice, and Eunice in their new school in London--- with One Direction.


10. Prom? I don't think so. Part Foooour.

"Why me?" is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. Zayn raises his eyebrows slightly in confusion. Do I have to explain EVERYTHING to him? "I mean, why'd you ask ME to the prom? There are a lot more girls in our school, and you ask me." Zayn rolls his eyes. "Because, Ignorance, you're the only girl not crazy about 1D or me," he says, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. How could I have overlooked that? For a stupid guy, he can be smart. Oxymoron, yeah, yeah. Being the garrulous person that I usually am, I'm really quiet now. "How much do you want me to be your date?" I ask. "A lot," he replies. "But what about Niall?" "I really like you, Ellie. That's all." "Then why do we fight all the time?" "Opposites attract, right?" I smile a little bit at that comment. "I'll think about it, Mr. Zayn Malik." I start to walk away. I turn around and say, "You know, for someone who's so stupid, you can be so smart. One point." I wave goodbye. I see Niall on my way out and say, "You can go in now Blondie." His expression is a bit wistful, it's as if he listened to me and Zayn's conversation. I walk up to him and I kiss his cheek. "Goodnight." 

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