Valentines day { A Harry Styles fanfic}

18 year old Amber Haynes meets one directions very own Harry Styles at a for the rest!


2. Should i text him?

*The next day*  Amber popped open her eyes lying in her comfy bed  as the memories of last night occupied her thoughts then suddenly the corners  of her mouth curled exposing a smile. all she could think about was the  quick but passionate peck placed upon her cheek, then it hit her she had gotten his number!! yeah, girls aren't supposed to give guys their numbers because they always do that stupid "wait three days she'll like you more" crap or they (girls) drive themselves mad waiting for a response. but Amber had his! the most possibly horrible thing to experience Because 1. she had to text or call him 2. do so without sounding to needy or to clingy  she was lost and had no idea what to do.  when she heard a*buzz* and cupped the phone in her hand reading a text from  harry?!? how did he get her number? she was lost in thought until she noticed she hadn't responded. she then punched in       

Me: Hello;)?

Harry:D :  Is this Amber?

Me: yeah! and this is? she asked already knowing the answer

Harry:D : Harry:) she already had his number

Me: oh?..hi! how did you get my number?

Harry:D :From Haley is that alright?:

Me: oh, yeah that's fine..   Honestly i wanted to punch her i barely knew him, but  i was happy i didn't have to text him first.

Harry:D : would you like to hangout today?

i almost had a panic attack of course i would !,that's like asking a fat guy if he wanted a burger.!

Me: are you asking little ol' me on a date ? (;

Harry:D : ahaha i guess so , can you be ready by noon?

Me: yeah(; and my address is 3456 holly hiding rd.

Harry:D :alright love, see you then xx

* Amber's POV*  i clicked off the phone and went to the bathroom to get ready it was 10:00 am two hours would be enough time. i brushed my teeth and  combed my hair out before i got in the tub turning on the shower i washed my hair , blow dried it and then straightened it. i grabbed the towel from the rack and then sat out my blue jeans , grey uggs an over sized sweater and and a black tank-top with my grey beanie i applied a small amount of mascara and clear lip gloss and then some powdered foundation when i heard a knock at the door i grabbed my phone and purse and ran down the stairs answering on the third knock i pulled back the only thing blocking me from fate and blushed as i felt chills run down my spine as harry stared at me what it seemed as a loss for words until i coughed causing him to come back into reality, me on the other hand was basically drooling . he stepped in and began to look around living room until he found a seat.

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