Valentines day { A Harry Styles fanfic}

18 year old Amber Haynes meets one directions very own Harry Styles at a for the rest!


6. New Relationships, New Drama

Haley's POV* "Amber i gotta go i'm kinda  busy" i ended the call and walked back to Niall's room he was laying down cross the mattress. i tried to get his attention but failed so i called out "Niall the pizzas here" i watched as he rushed to his feet and  headed for the kitchen. this was our third date so i thought i'd be special if we just had a chilled out lazy date together, but the conversation i thought we were having just resulted in Niall saying short i'm-not-really- listening answers . it seem like every five minutes there was a vibration coming from his phone that ended with a giggle. i was beyond pissed and i wanted to know what was so damn funny!? when he placed his phone on the table i swooped it up and ran to the bathroom locking the door . i couldn't stop laughing, Niall was attempting to get it back and i sorta noticed a new emotion washing over his facial expression. when i opened up his phone i scanned through his  conversation with  the last person he texted with. 'Alma' had just texted him back. i quickly zoomed through the message and dropped the phone in horror as tears started to burn the corners of my eyes like shampoo would when you're washing your hair. i heard Niall pounding on the door for me to "Open up!!" or to "Let me in!!" but i didn't and i couldn't . i dragged myself over to the medicine cabinet and pulled back the handle, i grabbed the razor on the shelf and thought to myself 'you wouldn't you're so stupid! don't do it  it's not worth it!just talk to someone' but i quickly shut off my inner voice and dragged the sharp blade against my skin until it was covered in thin red lines.  I suddenly felt my knees buckle in from under me and i crashed to the ground  i could faintly hear Niall screaming my name then i felt the darkness take over.  (a/n sorry about that i know you prob. hate me now sorry ill do better)

Niall's POV* After Haley and i finished dinner i got a few texts from an old friend well actually an old girlfriend, i know it's a huge difference but anyway she was telling me about her recent breakup and how sad she was and how i was her soul-mate and her other half. it kinda got to me i started to text her back then she brought up what happened  about 3 weeks ago when i saw her *FLASHBACK* i was walking into  Starbucks  to  pick up something for Haley , when i looked at the menu i got a text from her saying she wanted a Oreo frappe i punched in a quick 'k' and looked up to meet a beautiful gaze, i found myself falling into the browns of her eyes like puddles, she rung the bell and i snapped out of my trance then her beautiful pink lips mouthed "Niall?" and i froze maybe she recognized me from one direction. when i didn't answer she giggled and said "It's me Alma ,silly" and i gasped the Alma i knew had light brown shoulder length hair and  had no figure what so ever but the new Alma had chocolate swirls that cascaded out of her scalp resting down just above her breast plate i smiled sheepishly as i remembered why i was even here ;Haley!, my girlfriend so i quickly ordered and headed out towards the parking lot. As i was approaching my car i heard footsteps getting closer then Alma appeared she was smiling but had this look of hunger in her eyes as if i was a gazelle and she was a lion on the hunt, she started running and i froze in place unsure about what to do until she tackled me and the next thing i knew we were kissing. she pushed me up against the car and started to grind against my crotch she gestured towards the car i opened the door and she gave me directions to her house, when we pulled up to her house started to undress me she slammed open her bedroom door and pushed me unto the mattress *END OF FLASHBACK* then i got a new message and then Haley took it and ran into the bathroom i started to scream and cry because i knew i had lost what was left of our relationship. i knew it had to be over (a/n.....ohh suspense! ) anyway guys thanks for the awesome reads 113! yay(; tell your friends and get the story out please ill update the rest in a bit peace out

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