Valentines day { A Harry Styles fanfic}

18 year old Amber Haynes meets one directions very own Harry Styles at a for the rest!


4. My date with Styles



Amber POV* As I walked up the stairs I felt an emptiness in my stomach and I began to feel weak in the knees I've never had this feeling but once before. It was love, I was falling in love with harry. I quickly ran up to my room finished getting dressed and raced to the living room. I ran out the door towards his car until I felt a soft and gentle yet manly hand grasp mine as he opened the car door for me, I got in and tried to start a conversation "so, harry where are we going?" he snickered "Now it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you would it?" I groaned changing the subject "well about that kiss.., errm why'd you kiss me?" he started to look uncomfortable then shouted "were here!” My mouth dropped as I got out of the car. Harry took me to G'vouito, a very expensive and famous restaurant! then as I was starting to process the whole thing my thoughts took over me and I began to ask myself why would he take me here unless he was trying to impress me or even better ask me out. Harry escorted me to my seat, we had a small round table in the back by a window (probably so fans wouldn't bother us) with harp players surrounding us it was lovely. As I sat door down a waitress appeared, she looked about our age and when she came over to us looked like she knew harry, but not as Harry styles from one direction but just harry. She squealed out "Harry?!" and rushed by his side. Could she not fucking see me sitting here? Harry looked uncomfortable then introduced us "Amber this is tabby, an old friend of mine" I waved annoyance waving over my body I really wanted to be out of her presence " and Tabby this is Amber my girlfriend" I almost shit myself he said I was HIS GIRLFRIEND? harry chuckled as he watched my reaction, then Tabby interrupted "oh?, well remember when you took me here on our first date, and what we did after?" he started coughing uncontrollably  embarrassed by her comments then I spoke up "You took her here on your first date?" I felt like punching them both in the face and walking away "No I actually didn't ,Tabby and i met in Cheshire when we were 15, didn't we ?" she looked mad and answered rudely " Amber have y'all you know did IT?, let me tell you he's good with his hands and-" Harry stopped her, Thank the lord! "Tabby stop! Please excuse us we're leaving" he grabbed my hand and pushed through the revolving doors. As we got into the car I blurted out "girlfriend?" "Amber I know we barely know each-other b-"  i cut him off "yes!" there was an awkward silence until I heard the engine of his Range Rover and he turned to look at me and i couldn't control myself.  I kissed him and ruffled his curls as he cupped my chin when suddenly my phone went off and rock me came blasting out of the speaker. "Hahaha, you going to get that?"  I jokingly replied "oh shut-up!" as i answered the call "Hello?" it was Tara and Chantal "Hey! Were at your house where are you" I hesitated I knew they loved 1D and wouldn't believe me if i said oh yeah just on a date with harry fucking styles!  , then I looked at harry "well I’m on a date" I heard chuckling then Tara screamed "With who?"    I talked as fast as I could so they wouldn't be so mean “um Harrystyles" then it went silent and they screamed in unison "DID YOU SAY HARRY STYLES????" I froze I knew they wouldn't believe me so I gave harry the phone, he looked confused but played along "Errm hello this is Harry, may I ask who I’m speaking to?" I could sense they knew I was telling the truth. "Oh this is Tara and I’m Chantal...Are you single?" I snatched the phone from his grip and yelled "yes!' as he smirked then Tara replied "good, because I want Zayn anyway" i laughed and asked harry could he call the boys over so he wouldn't be alone with a bunch of girls "Sure hold on". he finished dialing the boys as we pulled into the driveway.  I opened the door to find Tara and Chantal on the couch and harry KISSING Niall on the floor? wtf is going on?

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