Valentines day { A Harry Styles fanfic}

18 year old Amber Haynes meets one directions very own Harry Styles at a for the rest!


5. Meeting the boys

"Haley wtf is going on!"  i couldn't believe she was kissing him!  i tapped her shoulder and yelled "kitchen now!" she stood up with an i'm-so-sorry look on her face  and ran to the kitchen. "Haley whats going on?" i asked confused "well, um-" she stopped  talking so i carried the conversation "are you two together or something"? she nodded so i gave her a hand gesture to go on " well on Saturday Niall took me to the movies and we went to Nandos-"  " There isn't a Nandos in America!" i stated matter of factly  she looked at her shoes and said" i know we flew to Mulinger , and i also met his mother!" now she was smiling i gasped "So you flew out of the country and met his mother in one day of actually knowing him, on a first date!! what the hell is wrong with you, you barely know him?" she looked angry "Excuse me!?, when did this become yell at Haley day!" "Sorry hay hay it just seems like you are moving to fast" she calmed down and agreed then turned the tables on me "Yeah, okay i understand but what about harry?" i was at a loss for words how dare she turn this on me!? "What about him?" " Well i heard he's a Womanizer, and he only dates girls to get in their pants"  i couldn't believe she said that! "Well this relationship is serious!, he's very sweet and i love him!" oh shit. did i say the l word? Haley grinned and poked me in the stomach "awe you're in love!" i scowled at her "this conversation isn't over!" and i walked out into the living room. Harry came over and hugged me "What took you so long babe?" i sighed "Girl drama"  he turned his attention towards Chantal and Tara " OH okay well id like you to meet Zayn, Liam ,Louis And  his girlfriend Eleanor " Chantal spoke first "HI i'm Chantal and this is Tara" the boys grinned and sat on the couch,  Zayn looked at Tara and she blushed, i knew she liked him .  Tara, Chantal  Liam , Louis, Eleanor and Zayn started a conversation among the six of them while harry and i crept up the stairs into my bedroom, i honestly just wanted some alone time to get to know him better, "Amber i know i'm pretty damn sexy, but we JUST started dating can we take it slow?" i laughed knowing he was joking but  appalled at the fact he thought i was that easy! "Ah, dammit i was expecting a show" i grinned as i played along. we reached my room and i blurted out"20 questions go!" he looked shocked but asked "Favorite band?" while smiling "Uh, i don't have one" he looked at me with a girl-please face and  pointed to the many one direction posters on my wall. i giggled and said "Never shout never!" he looked pissed and glared at me and growled "take it back" i was going to try and push some buttons so i said "no" he pounced on me and tickled my sides until i gave in "Take it back or i wont stop!"  i couldn't take it any more so i blurted "One Direction!" and he moved his hands from my waist to my cheeks pulling me into a rough kiss, licking at my bottom lip to gain entrance .i gladly let him and he slipped his tongue into my mouth , his body movements dancing with lust. Amber,stop you cant have sex you just started dating! i thought .   i knew i wanted him, but i was saving myself for my wedding night, hopefully it would be harry that i was marrying. he started to tug at the hem of my shirt and i groaned knowing i had to reject him "Harry i can't!" he grinned at me and said "It's okay if you're not ready i'll wait" we sat up awkwardly and he asked could he use the shower, i nodded in approval and worked my way down the stairs. i noticed Niall and Haley were gone and Tara and Zayn seemed to hit it off pretty well while Chantal seemed to lack interest in Liam who seemed to be doing the opposite  in fact he looked as though he wanted to kiss her!. I knew she had recently gotten out of a relationship and i decided we needed to talk or i would just give her a little push. "Chantal,can we talk in the kitchen?" she looked re leaved as she got out the conversation she had going on with Liam, and stood to her feet walking towards the kitchen . when we both were in she asked "What?" "What? seriously you're in a room with Liam Payne the guy you fantasied about for years and you're rejecting him now that you've finally got the chance to date, WTF is up with that?" she looked shocked that i had gotten straight to the point "Oh it's not that i don't like him, it's just really weird for me because i'm nervous" i knew it! she HAD to like him. "Well i'll help just go sit down and get to know him as Liam not as Liam Payne from 1D" she gave me a reassuring look ,smiled and left.  i walked back in and looked at Liam who was practically drooling over her and started to talk to him "So Liam are you single" i asked bluntly.  He smiled at Chantal and answered "Yes, i am and i'm currently looking for the right one." as i gave myself a pat on the back i remembered Haley was no where in sight so i called her, after about three rings she answered "Hey ambie (my nickname)" "Where are you?" she paused i could hear a male voice in the background and assumed it to be Niall, he told  her to hang up the phone "Amber i gotta go, i'm kinda busy" i was about to talk when i heard a "click" and i knew she'd hung up.  i was fuming  what did she mean busy

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