Valentines day { A Harry Styles fanfic}

18 year old Amber Haynes meets one directions very own Harry Styles at a for the rest!


3. meet me at my house

*Harry's POV*  i knocked on the wooden door waiting  for Amber to let me in. When she came to the door only dressed in a white bath towel, i noticed i was staring so i decided to take a seat.

as my body sunk into the love seat  i began to speak. 

"So!, how about we leave in about twenty minutes?"  she laughed.

" Well i certainly need more time than that, you know beauty doesn't come that natural for us all" i scoffed  was she implying that i'm beautiful? i got up and she turned to face me

" Well i need t- " i couldn't take  it any longer so i smashed my lips against hers. She responded by cupping my chocolate curls in-between her small slender fingers. we ended the kiss and she smiled eyes glowing and walked away dropping the towel and swaying her hips up the wooden stairs. i was about to walk after her when she glared down at me with a taunting smile.

"What kind of girl do you take me as?, i don't sleep with guys on the first date!" i  then replied

"Then why are you naked?" she sat their a moment looking like she was deep in thought until she said 

" I'm just giving you a sneak peak at what you wont be having tonight" that made me want her more!

" Well could you at least hurry love were wasting time that i could be using to be with you all day" She walked up the stairs smiling in approval as she finished getting dressed. when i sat down i felt something i  had once felt before; it was like their was something flying around in my stomach. My palms got sweaty and my heart began to race. i knew this feeling it was love. Love, how? i barely knew her but i felt like i had for ages i knew what i had to do i have to make her mine.

*i know that was really short but please read this story i know that after about 20+ chapters ill stop and do a sequel *

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