Valentines day { A Harry Styles fanfic}

18 year old Amber Haynes meets one directions very own Harry Styles at a for the rest!


1. he cheated i cant get over it!


*authors note* hey guys!, its Tilah here this is my very first time writing and please don't be mean if the beginning sucks

Amber Haynes is dating Jake Robinson her boyfriend of two years she has long auburn red hair that curls at the end and sparking  blue eyes.

"Amber! ,Amber look at me. i know what he did but its almost been a week just get over it!" Haley yelled at her best friend who'd been crying then zoned out as a flashback crept into her mind 

My stomach was beginning to growl as i eagerly waited in my seat for lunch Jake was waiting for me by the lockers and the bell was about to ring.  i hadn't seen him in a week because he was visiting family and i couldn't wait until lunch. i raised my hand slightly as Mrs. Keepers eyes shot up to gaze into mine she then answered with a "yes?" awaiting my request.  i choked out  "may i please be excused to the restroom?" and she nodded  and i got up feeling as though i was doing something wrong. the thing was i hated lieing and being lied to. when i closed the door i searched around for Jake i didn't see him then i remembered he was meeting me at my locker i turned the corner as i saw Jake face to face with some random chick.  i gasped as his hands explored her body and tongue never left her mouth,she began to moan and fist at his hair as he shoved her into my locker.  i then yelled "Jake what the actual fuck!" seeing the girls eyes as she smirked against his lips. he didn't stop and to make it worst he turned around and smiled at me then asked "what?" in a confused tone. i then felt the corners of my eyes burn as the tears poured from my eyes and the feeling of emptiness invade my stomach. all i could do was ask "why?" as i stepped closer waiting for an answer i was sure to regret hearing. he looked at me hazel eyes starting to pierce into my soul as he evilly chuckled making me shudder with fear and anger. "Amber i cant wait forever" is what slipped through his swollen lips as he began running his fingers through the strangers hair. it then dawned on me that he was talking about sex. "Sex? really Jake you're gonna let that ruin our FOUR year relationship?" i didn't even wait for an answer as i ran back to class grabbing my things and heading to the front doors of the school . I called the only person that would understand  Haley.  at least 10 minutes later her car appeared. i jumped to my feet as i clamped my fingers to the door and sat on the padded passenger seat she was crying as well and had a tub of ice cream and two spoons i love this girl. *FLASHBACK ENDS*

"How Haley?" she asked not wanting a reply " could start by cleaning yourself up and maybe coming with me to a concert tonight?" she ended smiling "no, i know where this is heading I WILL NEVER GO TO A ONE DIRECTION CONCERT EVER!" "please?" she whined with puppy dog eyes knowing Amber couldn't resist "fine, but i will not be happy about it!" Haley screamed so loud it echoed throughout her hollow bedroom walls "yeah!!, well lets go shopping for our clothes then" they went down the stairs getting into Haley's car as she flipped on on the car radio and kiss you blasted out the speakers. then Haley began singing Harry's part:" oh tell me tell me tell me  how to turn your love on you can get get anything that you want"  Amber couldn't help but sing along in her head she has a crush on that voice but didn't know the face that matched it  then a sudden loud *cheenk* noise brought her back to reality as they were parked and Haley was unlocking the car door they walked into the glass doors and Amber gawked as she saw the most beautiful dress "no question about it i want that one." she walked in and tried it on it fit perfectly it was a strapless heart shaped ruby encrusted top with a flowing black vial type look and had straps on the back  she then spotted some combat boots and just had to get them Haley found a short pink dressed that was lined with black jewels and topped it off with some black pumps they were set they went back to Haley's and got ready.  Amber put her hair in a bun and curled the two strands that fell to the side she applied some gloss and loads of mascara then a dab of red lipstick polished her nails black and sat downstairs waiting for Haley to finish when she heard the "click, click" of Haley's shoes against the hardwood she sat up and gasped at the beauty walking down the stairs. "what do you think?" "O. M. G." is all she said she had curled her hair and wore makeup which was a first. "well i think were ready to meet the boys" added Haley  they got in the car and arrived out side one of the biggest places they'd seen in their entire lives. the boys faces were spread across a wide screen and underneath read :One Direction comes to Dallas! when they entered this room a lady took their tickets and they were seated in the very first row.  then strolled out Zayn who welcomed every one and winked at Haley she was honored but preferred Niall.  when they all came out Haley damn near shit herself while Amber who desperately  wanted to be excited showed no emotion and they noticed. after the show they went backstage to meet the boys along with two other strangers Harry and Niall walked over to them and hugged them Niall said they looked beautiful and  Haley began to laugh uncontrollably  taking the complement a little to seriously Harry on the other hand was so focused on Amber's eyes that he didn't even introduce  himself (not like he needed to but hes a gentleman) he then noticed the silence and began to speak "yeah, what Niall said " then he gestured to the couch for  them to sit and mustered up a conversation that lasted the entire night. "So, Amber i really enjoy talking to you is it out of place if i ask for your number?" Amber almost died she really didn't know a thing about one direction she just knew he was damn sexy then she spat out a quirky answer "why mister styles i don't just hand out my number to complete and utter may i have yours?"she ended smiling in a naughty way that made harry blush he quickly grabbed his phone and read out loud "8173444565" then he leaned in kissing her cheek as the boys said their goodbyes. when Amber got in the car she almost fainted then Haley screamed when she got in scaring the crap out of Amber "Niall asked for my number and gave me his!! and were going out on Saturday!"    "well, harry gave me a kiss and i got his number!"


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