Behind Those Green Eyes

Bella Anderson is fan of one direction. But she doesn't like Harry Styles. They dated in high school but he was a terrible boyfriend. He was a jerk,alcoholic,and sometimes abusive. When Harry left for the X-Factor,Bella became the happiest person on earth and found new love. One day at a local bakery 2 years later,Harry sees Bella again with another man. He always felt horrible about the things he did and treated Bella in the past. He'll do anything to have Bella back.


5. Why?

Mason's P.O.V.
I put on my sneakers and headed out my house for a jog. I closed the door behind me and locked it. I turned around and started walking. There was a car in front of my house. I squinted my eyes to see if anyone was in the car. There was a guy with curly hair and a girl with straight and long hair. They were kissing so I couldn't really make out who those people were. The girl had pulled away and said something to the boy and opened the car door and her eyes landed on mine. Bella. She looked shocked,scared, and guilty. She stood in front of me like she was frozen. Harry was in the car. I felt all my anger build up in me. Keep calm Mason,remember what happened yesterday. Bella opened her mouth to say something but then she closed her mouth and buried her face in her hands and started to cry. I wanted to hug her but how could I? She kissed another guy in front of my house. Worst part is that she kissed her ex-boyfriend who beat her up. I didn't want to yell because I promised I'll never leave her meaning I won't ever hurt her."Why?"is all I can think of saying."Mason,baby I'm sorry."she said reaching for my hand to hold it but I pulled it away."Why'd you kiss him?"I asked a little bit harshly. I walked towards the car and banged on the window signaling Harry to get out the car. He did so."Why'd you kiss my girlfriend?"I said harshly at Harry. He didn't answer so I clenched my fist and repeated the question."Look, man I'm sorry."he said."That doesn't answer the question."I said. Harry sighed and said,"I love Bella. That's why." Bella and my eye's both widened. Harry went back into his car and drove away. I just looked at Bella. She stopped crying and was looking at the ground."Do you love him?"I asked. It was obvious she would say yes. She kissed him. She shook her head no."That's a lie. You kissed him God dammit. You love him and not me!" I said raising my voice as I spoke. She just shook her head and mumbled."I don't love him.""THEN WHY'D YOU KISS HIM?"I was now yelling."I KISSED HIM BECAUSE I MISS HIM!"she yelled back. Now I'm angry and I don't care about any promises I've made."You know what, if you miss him so much then leave. Leave my house,go to Harry,don't call me,don't text me,don't look at me, and don't you ever dare come back."I said and started walking back to my house."Mason,wait!!"Bella yelled. I turned around towards her."What about our promise?You were to never leave me and always protect me."she said."Fuck it."I said walking into my house and slamming the door.
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