Behind Those Green Eyes

Bella Anderson is fan of one direction. But she doesn't like Harry Styles. They dated in high school but he was a terrible boyfriend. He was a jerk,alcoholic,and sometimes abusive. When Harry left for the X-Factor,Bella became the happiest person on earth and found new love. One day at a local bakery 2 years later,Harry sees Bella again with another man. He always felt horrible about the things he did and treated Bella in the past. He'll do anything to have Bella back.


2. Looking Back

**Next Day**
Harry's P.O.V.
Today is my good friend,Eleanor's birthday. She is dating Louis. I haven't gotten over yesterday when I saw Bella. I can't even believe she's coming to this party. Mason is probably bringing her. I still love her and I can't even bear to see or even think of her being happy with another guy. The doorbell rung and Eleanor opened the door. I hoped it wasn't Bella and Mason but tough luck for me. Bella looked stunning as usual. She wore a short maroon colored dress,black blazer,and black flats. She looked around the room to see who else was here. When her eyes landed on mine her gorgeous smile faded into a death glare. I wouldn't blame her for hating me. It still hurts thinking about the night we broke up.
Bella's P.O.V.
I walked over to the house of the boy who I'm proud to call my boyfriend,Harry Styles. We had been dating for 6 months and I couldn't be happier. I walked up to his front porch. I took out his key that he gave me and opened the door. I closed it behind me and locked it."Harry?"I called his name. I walked up to his room. I heard noises. The noises of another girl. I barged into his room and I felt tears already start to form in my eyes but I held it in. The girl was sitting on Harry's lap."Bell, what are you doing here?"Harry asked sounding guilty."Well I don't know. I think it's just when you give your girlfriend the key to your house that it means she can walk in any time she wants."I snapped at Harry. When I said the word "girlfriend" I noticed that the tramp shot her head towards Harry."Wait! You have a girlfriend?!"she asked. Harry nodded. The girl got off his lap and left the room. I heard the front door slam. Harry looked at the ground feeling guilty. I just stood there expecting him to say something but nothing came out."Why?"is all that I could say. What ever happened to the Harry I knew? What happened to the Harry I loved?"I'm sorry."was all he could say."SORRY?! YOU WERE WITH ANOTHER GIRL BEHIND MY BACK!!" I snapped and threw his extra key that used to be mine on the floor."BUT NOTHING HAPPENED!!"he snapped back."NOT IF I WALKED IN!"I said even more angry. Harry stood up from his bed and I felt a sharp pain on my face. He slapped me."Don't yell at me."he said in a harsh tone. I started to cry. Harry's face changed from angry to apologetic."Babe,I'm sorry." He tried to hug me but I pushed him away."Get the fuck away from me."I said harshly. I ran downstairs and he followed. I saw a picture of Harry and I together. I stopped running. I picked up the picture frame and just looked at the picture. It was our first date on Valentines day. I remembered how happy I was. I turned my head and noticed that Harry's fireplace was on. I took one last glance at the picture and then threw it in the fire. I watched it burn then walked out the house and slammed the door and never looked back.
**End Of Flashback**
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