Behind Those Green Eyes

Bella Anderson is fan of one direction. But she doesn't like Harry Styles. They dated in high school but he was a terrible boyfriend. He was a jerk,alcoholic,and sometimes abusive. When Harry left for the X-Factor,Bella became the happiest person on earth and found new love. One day at a local bakery 2 years later,Harry sees Bella again with another man. He always felt horrible about the things he did and treated Bella in the past. He'll do anything to have Bella back.


4. Explanation

**Next Day**
Bella's P.O.V.
I got out of bed and looked in the mirror. My face was red and damp because I was crying. I just remembered the events that took place yesterday. I brushed my teeth then took a shower. I blow dried my hair and put it in a pony tail. I put on my blue Hollister sweat shirt with matching sweat pants and my blue converse. I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me. I walked to the park. Whenever I'm sad I walk through the park to calm myself down a bit. I sit on a bench and just think about Mason."I'll never let you go. I'll always protect you" was on replay in my mind. Mason promised to never leave me and always protect me. I love him. I got off the bench and started to walk towards Mason's house. He doesn't live too far. Just about 10 blocks away. I stood at the corner waiting for the street light to turn green. I look around and notice someone with curly hair walking in my direction. Harry. I squinted my eyes to see if it were actually him. It was. He had a black eye. The memories are coming back again."Hey Bella."he said. I felt a little bad for him."Hey."I said and showed a small smile."Are you going to Mason's house?"he asked. I nodded."I can drive you if you want to. I was just walking to my car."he said. I nodded. I may hate Harry but I'm WAY too lazy to walk. We walked to his car. He had a black Cadillac. He opened the passenger seat for me and I got in the car. I watched Harry walk around the car to the drivers seat. When Harry got in he put on his seat belt and I put on mine. He started the car and started driving. The car ride was silent. Harry pulled up in front of Mason's house. I opened the door and took off my seat belt."Thanks for the ride. I appreciate it."I said and waved to Harry."Wait!"Harry said before I could close the door."What?"I asked."I wanna talk to you."he said. I got back in the car and closed the door."I just need to talk to you about yesterday. I know I was a jackass before but I've changed. I just need to explain myself."he said rather slowly.i nodded my head giving him permission to talk."I know cheating on you was very stupid and when I hit you it made things worse. The night before, I had lost everything. My sister's boyfriend was abusive. I hated seeing him hurt Gemma. I took matters into my own hands and I beat him up. Gemma hated me for it and my mother was almost scared of me. I never meant to hurt anyone. I let the anger get the best of me and I'm sorry."he explained and held my hand. Harry looked as if he was going to cry so I pulled him into a hug."What about after we broke up? Why'd you still hit me and pick on me at school?"I asked."That day we broke up,it just got to me. I kept replaying that day in my head. I was angry and I was just trying to beat up the pain but you were the one who hurt me and I had hurt you back. I'm sorry."he said now sobbing on my shoulder."I miss you Bella. I really do."he whispered."I miss you too."I said. It's almost as if I forgot I was in front of my boyfriend's house. Harry stopped crying and smiled. I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine. We both leaned in and our lips touched. We were kissing,right in front of my boyfriend's house.
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