Behind Those Green Eyes

Bella Anderson is fan of one direction. But she doesn't like Harry Styles. They dated in high school but he was a terrible boyfriend. He was a jerk,alcoholic,and sometimes abusive. When Harry left for the X-Factor,Bella became the happiest person on earth and found new love. One day at a local bakery 2 years later,Harry sees Bella again with another man. He always felt horrible about the things he did and treated Bella in the past. He'll do anything to have Bella back.


3. Don't Let Me Go

I am just truly,madly,deeply in love with Bella. I wrote half of the songs on the album dedicated to Bella. I'll do anything to get Bella to love me again. I have a great idea! I'll flirt with Bella and get Mason jealous then he'll get mad at Bella and dump her then I'll be there to comfort Bella and she'll love me again. I walked around the house to find Bella. I heard people talking and laughing in the kitchen. She had to be in there. To my satisfaction she was. Mason was talking to Louis and Zayn. I walked up to her and stood next to her. She didn't even glance at me but she knew I was there. I have to make a move."Hey Bella."I said. "Hey."she mumbled. It's almost as if she's uncomfortable around me."So Bella,we hear you and Harry used to be a couple. Why'd you split?" Louis asked with a big grin. It looked like Bella was frozen. She didn't answer the question and just ignored Louis."We broke up because...I...cheated on Bella." I managed to say without crying because of my stupidity. I looked over to Bella. She was giving me a death glare."There's actually more to that story. Harry cheated and hit me. Even after we broke up he still hit me."Bella said and everybody was shocked. Mason looked angry. He was walking over to me slowly."YOU'RE DEAD STYLES!!"he yelled and punched my jaw. Mason was on top of me punching me. Zayn and Liam were trying to get him up but Mason is really strong. I saw Bella was crying and Eleanor was hugging her. When Mason got off of me Zayn and Liam helped me up and gave me an ice pack. We all looked around the room for Bella but she was nowhere to be found."She left,and I think you should too Harry."Eleanor said. I went to the closet and put on my coat. I sat in my car and looked at the house. Mason was walking out. I started the car and drove home.
Mason's P.O.V.
I can't believe Harry used to hit my girlfriend. I thought he was a cool guy. But what I'm confused about the most is why didn't Bella tell me? I walked to Bella's house. I rang the doorbell. The door opened to a red puffy eyed Bella. She was crying. I just wanted to hug her,protect her and tell her everything would be ok. But I think she was too afraid of me to even let me."Baby I'm sorry. I really am. I was just angry that someone who I thought was really cool would do something awful to the love of my life. I'm sorry you had to see me like that."I said almost on the verge of tears. Bella stared at the ground."Babe say something." I said softly. She wouldn't even look at me."You scared me today. I can't even look at you the same. I love you but seeing you hit someone reminded me of Harry when he hit me and it frightens me because I hate the thought of getting hurt by someone I loved."Bella said starting to cry again."Babe I'm sorry. I was just angry. Why didn't you tell me?! I wouldn't ever want to hurt someone if it was going to hurt you."I said. Bella didn't speak for a few seconds. She sighed then said"I didn't tell you because I just never felt ready to. I was going to but I was always so scared. I was scared of thinking about Harry. Thinking of him beating me. All the horrible memories. I was just scared." I grabbed Bella's hand and pulled her into a hug. I held her tightly while she sobbed on my shoulder."I'll never let you go. I'll always protect you."I said softly in Bella's ear."Don't let me go."she whispered.
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