Behind Those Green Eyes

Bella Anderson is fan of one direction. But she doesn't like Harry Styles. They dated in high school but he was a terrible boyfriend. He was a jerk,alcoholic,and sometimes abusive. When Harry left for the X-Factor,Bella became the happiest person on earth and found new love. One day at a local bakery 2 years later,Harry sees Bella again with another man. He always felt horrible about the things he did and treated Bella in the past. He'll do anything to have Bella back.


1. 2 Years Later

Bella's P.O.V.
Another cold winter day here in Holmes Chapel,Cheshire. It's really windy today as I walk to my favorite bakery. I get my usual coffee. I sat at a table by myself and took out my phone and texted my friend,Jessie. I heard a bell chime signaling someone came in the bakery. I lifted my head from my phone to see who had came in or left. I couldn't believe my eyes. The boy who I haven't seen in so many years. I prayed that he didn't remember who I was. Tough luck for me."Hey Bella. Long time no see." Harry Styles,my ex-boyfriend and archenemy,says with a smirk on his face revealing his dimples. God I hate this boy. He used to be my boyfriend and he was just the worst boyfriend a girl could have. He was annoying,an alcoholic,and thinking about it makes me cry but he was abusive. I tried to pretend I didn't know who he was but it was obvious that he knew I remembered him."Hi."is all I said and didn't make eye contact."So how've you been?"he asked. Can he just leave me alone?! "Fine"I just wanted to make small talk so he could leave."Well I'm in a band now."he said as if I didn't already know that."Yeah I know. I'm a fan."I said."Well who's your favorite boy?"he asked. I knew if I didn't say it was him he would get jealous."Niall. I love Niall. His perfect blue eyes,blonde hair and just a gorgeous adorable Irish accent!"I said with a huge smile. I noticed he looked jealous and actually kinda hurt. Mission accomplished. At a perfect moment like this one,my amazing boyfriend came in the bakery."Hey Mason." I said to get his attention."Hey babe."he said walking over to me. Harry had a confused look on his face. Mason walked over to me and leaned in to kiss me. When Mason pulled away he looked over to Harry."Oh hey Harry."Mason said. Now I'm confused. My boyfriend knows my ex-boyfriend !!"Do you two know each other?"Mason asked. Harry and I just stared at each other."Yeah,Harry is my ex-boyfriend."I said. Mason looked at Harry who looked guilty."So how do you know Harry?"I looked at Mason and asked."My brother is dating his sister so Gemma has mentioned Harry a few times and I've seen pictures of him."he said. Harry left the bakery and it was just me and Mason. He sat down next to me and put his arm around me."My friend's birthday is tomorrow and she's having a party. Do you wanna come with me?"Mason said to break the silence we had for a few seconds."Of course. Whenever I'm with you I'm happy."I said and kissed his perfect lips.
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