My Power (on hold)

What if anything you wished for came true. That's what Taylor's life is like. But what happens when she makes a wish about a certain british/irish band? Guess you'll just have to read the story.


9. This is Just The Start

Harry's P.O.V.

So, Niall found his girl. She's really pretty. Her friends aren't that bad either. Louis, Zayn, and Niall are really lucky. I wonder how they're gonna keep in touch… I GOT AN IDEA!!!!!!!!

"Hey Taylor!" I hollered. She turned quickly.

"Hey Harry!" She yelled back just as loud, if not louder.

"Is it your school break?" She looked confused, probably wondering where I was going with this.

Then, Chelsea cut in. "Yeah. We're out for 2 months." Perfect.

Eryn walked in then to with Zayn. "Vas Happening!!!" They chorused.

"Well… what I was about to ask before you two so rudely interrupted, was if you guys wanted to join us on tour?"

"WHAT!?!?!?!?" Liam screeched, "You have got to be kidding me! We have to ask their parents first and we haven't even met them yet! We barely even know the girls!" Well, he didn't take that well.

"Chillax Liam," Taylor called out. "Just show up at my house tomorrow and you can meet them, the girls will bring their parents too. I'll even ask Jessica and Shayal to come. They're really big directioners."



Taylor's P.O.V.

So it's settled, but knowing my friends parents they'll say no. But I have an easy way to fix that.

I wish that all of our parents will let us go on the tour…

"Taylor." A voice called. I turned around.

"Oh hey Niall, What's up?"

"I was just wondering… um… I mean I know I just met you, but I really like you and I want to know if you'll go on a date with me? Please."

"Of coarse I would Niall, it's practically my dream!" He breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank god! I was thinking you were gonna say no!" He chuckled.

"What?" I mock gasped, "I would never do such a thing! You disrespect my inner fangirl! How dare you!" I paused. One look at each other and we both burst out laughing. As our noise died down I checked my phone. ALMOST 12 O'CLOCK!!

"Niall," I poked his cheek.

"Yeah…" He groaned. "Stop poking me! Jesus."

"We gotta go, my mom's gonna pick us up soon." He sighed. "Aww, don't worry. You're going to meet my parents tomorrow remember."

"Oh yeah, I guess I'll see you then." I got up to get the girls.

"Chelsea! Eryn! We gotta go! They can't meet up with them tomorrow unless we leave!" I heard groaning. "Oh suck it up!!!!!!!! Let's go."

"Bye guys." They mumbled.

"We'll see you tomorrow!"


A/N: Sooooo… just making sure ya guys are still reading… if it ain't any trouble could you comment what you think! It boosts my confidence.


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