My Power (on hold)

What if anything you wished for came true. That's what Taylor's life is like. But what happens when she makes a wish about a certain british/irish band? Guess you'll just have to read the story.


16. Not a Chapter But Please Read

Hey guys it's Taylor...

I know I've been MIA and I'm sorry but I had writers block for a while, and homework and sports, just finished volleyball and basketball is just starting, it's skating season too.

Anyways I just wanted to say how royally pissed off I am at Movellas right now. I spent all of Saturday, Sunday, and today working on a über long chapter for you guys. I saved it AND backed it up, but somehow this fucking site (excuse my language) manages to lose it. 10 hours of work just gone. I'll try to rewrite it but it'll take a bit of time. I'm honestly so sorry guys.


~ Taylor, who happens to be pissed off

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