My Power (on hold)

What if anything you wished for came true. That's what Taylor's life is like. But what happens when she makes a wish about a certain british/irish band? Guess you'll just have to read the story.


15. It's Hard To Face The Music


 Okay guys I am SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO sorry that I haven't updated. I'm not even gonna waste time giving you guys L-A-M-E excuses to why and just get on with it. I'm just gonna say that I'll try to update at least twice a month, hopefully more.




Taylor's P.O.V.


"MOOOOOOOM!!!" my voice echoed through the house.


"mooooooom!" my little bro mimicked in the most annoying way possible. I just ignored him.


"Eryn, Chels, Shayal, and Jess are coming over. So are some other friends that we met at the concert!" I just didn't tell her WHO the friends we made at the concert were.


"Sure, whatever. Just don't blast that freaking music super loud and keep in your room. I don't even want to know the latest 'news'." her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Let's just say she didn't exactly understand my love for the guys. I mean, she doesn't have to love them but that shouldn't stop me fro-


My thoughts were briskly interrupted by the doorbell. Perf timing too or I would have ended up totally pissed off.


I ran to the front of my house and flung the door open.


As I did that I heard a chorus of "Vas Happenin's" I smiled. It was so great to have all of my friends here.


After we had all gotten some drinks and snacks from the kitchen we headed upstairs to the attic level (level three) which was set up as my room. I know that sounds totally gross, but I fixed it up and now it looks great!

It's not exactly a super girly room like the ones on tumblr, but I'm not a super girly girl OR like someone on tumblr and this room is exactly the way I like it. Except for the fact that my mom wont let me put up 1D posters. So I painted the mural instead. In fact, I just completed it a couple weeks ago.


"Okay guys listen up" I whispered as we huddled together in a circle. "We have some special guests coming and they're really important."


Chels and Eryn looked at each other, then me and back at each other then giggled. I shot them a warning look.


"WAIT!!!" Jess shouted suddenly. We all kinda looked at her with a wtf expression. "I have a confession to make! ImaynotlikeHarryanymore." We all stared at her.


"I'm sorry! blah blah blah blah…" she didn't actually say blah, but she was rambling which is pretty much the same thing. Then she said the four words that actually caught my attention.


"I like Austin Mahone..." that's all I heard before it went all blah blah blah again. I wonder when that happened? Eh, I'll ask her later. I think I hear the boys pulling in the driveway.


I stood up abruptly. "I'llberightbackup!" I said in a rush as I ran down the stairs.


I hears their whispers. Not bad things though. They were more like, "what do you think's wrong?" "I don't know." "Beats me." "Maybe constipation?" Constipation? Really?


I got to the front door just as they all knocked on the door. I waited a little bit and as one of them pounded the door, I swung the door open and they all fell to the ground.


I took a little bit of time to laugh at them sprawled on the floor the way they were. After I calmed down a bit I helped Niall up.


"Heeeeey!" Louis whined, "What about ussssss!!!!!!'


"Ummmmm" I paused. "We'll be back!!"


"Taylor that's not an answer!!!!" Harry yelled as Niall and I ran upstairs.




hey guys. sorry it took forever. I've been working on this chapter for 3 weeks so it's one of my longest. I'll try to update more often

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