My Power (on hold)

What if anything you wished for came true. That's what Taylor's life is like. But what happens when she makes a wish about a certain british/irish band? Guess you'll just have to read the story.


1. Meet Taylor

Taylor's P.O.V.

Hi my name is Taylor. I'm just your average 15 year old girl, accept for this One Thing(A/N see what I did there).

A couple years ago, when my family was vacationing in California for my birthday, I made a wish asking for my brother to treat me like a princess for the whole day, obviously I didn't plan on it actually happening, but low and behold the next day my brother was the nicest and most respectful person I'd ever seen. I decided to test it out once more wishing that my parents would get me the newest iPhone every year. Needless to say, they have.

This power could be dangerous in the wrong hands so I promised myself that I would be generous and help other people with my gift as well.


Anyway, my apearance:

Hight: 5'4"

Hair: Light Brown w/ Natural Gold Highlights and an Auburn Tinge(my actual hair colour)

Eyes: Hazel


Weird(in a good way)






Hobbies: Singing, Math, Softball, Dancing, Basketball, Volleyball, Drawing, Shopping, Talking, Reading

Favourite Bands: One Direction, Marianas Trench, Simple Plan, The Neighbourhood, The Pretty Reckless


A/N Sorry if this isn't good. This is my very first fan fiction EVER. Tell me what you think of Taylor.

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