Stole my heart

Aley was never really a softy but then she met Louis and her world turned upside down


1. Moving

Hi my names Aley I'm 20 years old and I have short
Chocolate brown hair I'm about 5'8 and I'm alike chubs. Anyways I grew up in the ghetto parts of town so it was either learn self defense or die. So I never was one of those Girly girl things. I play sports like softball and hockey.

*Aleys P.O.V.*
"Aley wake up!!"my mom yelled.i just groaned and rolled out of bed.i got up put on my metal mulisha shirt some skinny jeans and put on my hightops and left. As I was walking to collage I was texting my roommate/BFF Brissa. As I was looking down at my phone I ran into a boy and fell "hey watch it!"I yelled "Oh sorry love" he said. I looked up with my hand in a fist put let it free when I looked into his blue/green eyes.he helped me up and said "sorry about I'm Louis and yhu are?" "Late for class" I said and walked away. I got to school and Brissa ran up to me yelling "guess who's Gona perform today?!" "Idk" I said. "1D!!!!!" She yelled. "Cool" I said. Then they arrived and I saw him...
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