Stole my heart

Aley was never really a softy but then she met Louis and her world turned upside down


2. Him

Hey sorry about the name for the last chapter
I just needed a name

*Louis P.O.V.*
Omg i thought isn't that the girl who bumped
into me wow she goes her oh Elenore made it oh shoot time to
perform *skip performance* "HEY" I yelled.
She turned around and looked at me with
The cutest little face.

*Aleys P.O.V.*
He saw me wat do I do I thought. He started
running towards me and I just stood there
Watching him run past me to go hug some
chick. I walked up to him and said "hey Louis
"Hey mystery" He said. Elenore looked at me
like bitch back off. I just stared at her with evil
eyes. "Oh my name is Aley btw" I said. "Hey
Babe I gotta go bye love yhu" Elenore said.
"Love yhu too" he said

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