Pale Blue Eyes

Cara's just your average 19 year old girl- Irish, 19 year old girl to be exact. She's lived in Belfast all her life, until one day, she receives tragic news of her grandmother's passing over in Dublin, Mullingar. Moving houses is always hard... Moving cities is even harder. But the real worry is, will Cara cope with all this change?


3. New Bedroom, New Neighbors

I looked around my finally furnished bedroom. I have to say it was fairly big, bigger than my old one. There’s a balcony with wood-framed glass doors, and across from it you have my walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. On the small patch of wall that sits next to my closet doors, is a wide plasma screen Tv, with a DVD and X-box connected underneath.

On the wall right next to the Tv, sat my bed, which was currently in off-white linen, covered in satin pillows and my favorite teddy bear, Mr. Cuddles. Right next to the doors that lead to the balcony was where I had placed my lamp with the zebra-printed lounge chair sitting right beside it with it’s back facing the next wall.

Against this wall was a vintage grey desk, which had built-in shelves and drawers. My macbook sat comfortably upon it with my sketchbook underneath. Above my desk, was where I decided to place my collage, since it was facing my bed. I had a bedside table where a small lap was on top, together with the house phone and my alarm clock. There were two windows that sat on either side of my bed, both covered in white shutters. The walls were a light shade of grey, and the wall behind my bed was wallpapered with a grey and white pattern.

To say I loved my bedroom would be an understatement. Did I mention I had a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and a lounge chair placed on the balcony? No? Well now you know. Now, I’ll tell you something a little creepy. Across from my balcony, is my next-door neighbor’s son’s room. Yeah, and if he opened up his curtains, I could see right into it.

No, I am not a stalker. Jeez, sure I’m weird, but not to that extent! Gosh…

I closed the curtains that covered the doors of my balcony, and then decided I was pretty hungry. I’ll start unpacking my clothes and deco later I guess.

“Mum is there anything to eat?” I shouted from the top of the stairs, slowly descending into the turquoise and teal themed living room. I’m too lazy to describe the rest of the house, so you go use that imagination of yours. FYI, we have a huge backyard, an outdoor pool, a dance studio, tons and tons of chandeliers, and an extremely modern kitchen. Is that enough information to get your imagination started?

“There are some chicken slices and mayonnaise so you can go make a sandwich out of that. Oh and the bread’s on the kitchen island dear.” Mum called back, probably watching some random reality Tv show on the plasma.

Another thing I should mention, we have four bedrooms… One of them being a guest bedroom. Duh. “Okay! How long will it be ‘till Hunter and dad get here?” I asked, starting to make my sandwich. Yeah, Uncle Hunter announced to me yesterday that I was officially ‘Hunter’ to him. Apparently it makes him feel young?

Well whatever floats his boat. “They arrive tonight okay? Oh! I almost forgot. The next-door neighbors invited us over to their home for dinner. Hunter and dad’ll be skipping it, but I think it would be nice if the both of us go. What do you think honey?”

DINNER WITH THE NEIGHBORS? Jeez I’m freaking out. Ahhhhh nervous! Omg omg omg. See? I’m so nervous I’m starting to say ‘omg’ in my head. Wth is wrong with me? Just tell her you don’t want to go… That you’re a little too tired. “Er sure.” WAIT WHAT? Do I not know how to control my mouth?

“Alright great! I’ll just go tell Bobby. By the way, that’s our neighbor’s name. His son is Niall, so be nice!” and with that, I ran up the stairs to try and keep my mind off it. Maybe unpacking should do the trick. “It’s not a casual dinner! But not fancy either! So no cocktail dresses, you hear me?” She called after me, and I shouted back a “YEAH.”

I gobbled down my sandwich, placing the plate on my desk, then grabbed one of the few boxes that were waiting to be unpacked. I decided that starting with my shoes would probably be the easiest to start with.

After arranging my shoes across the shelves, the height of the heel going for tallest to smallest, I started hanging up my dresses, then blouses, then jackets, and finally skirts. The minute that was done, I started folding my t-shirts, placing them into a drawer. Then followed by my shorts, trousers, and jeans.

Gosh I almost forgot my undergarments… Cue deep scarlet blush. I’m weird, I know. Don’t judge.

After that was done, I started placing all my cosmetics into the cupboard/mirror that was above the sink. Handy aye? Yeah I know… Just what I was thinking. I then placed all my soaps on the shelf that was in the shower, examining the interior of my bathroom. Holy crap it was big.

The shower was against the far wall, pretty huge too, and there was a Jacuzzi/bathtub in the middle of the whole room-ish-thing. The floors were a beige-colored tiles, whilst the walls were covered in peach tiles. I have to say, it was stunning. I also have to say, my description was awfully lame… Mehh.

“Cara! You better start getting ready!” Mum warned, just as I stepped out of my closet. Jeez it’s cold. Oops, I left the balcony doors open. As I went to close them, I noticed boy in the room across the balcony. His hair was blonde, ruffled around, and put into some sort of quiff. He was wearing a purple Jack Wills tee and dark denim jeans with some white high-tops… I have to admit, his fashion taste was pretty impressive.

I decided I should close the balcony doors before he got the chance to catch me staring… Considering that would just be plain awkward to talk about at dinner. I closed the curtains then walked back into my closet, looking through my items of clothing. Gosh I loved clothes, but having so much is quite frustrating.

I opted on wearing my white lace spaghetti strapped dress, the top part being something similar of a half-bustier. Even though it was winter, wearing dresses were never a problem for me. As long as I wore a jacket, I was completely fine. I then slipped on my dark blue leather jacket, stuffing my phone into the pocket.

After much debating, I started putting loose curls in my brown hair using my curling iron that I had placed on my bathroom counter along with my hairdryer. Once that was done, I made a funny face in the mirror, telling myself how ridiculous it was that I was going through so much trouble to impress the next-door neighbors.

I applied some concealer, then eyeliner and mascara, followed by some lip-gloss, just to give it the finishing touches. I clipped back some hairs from the front, then stared at myself in the mirror for a moment. I looked like me I guess… Just a more decent, and kept together version. Wow.

Skipping out of the bathroom, I slipped on some blue ballerina flats, taking one last look at myself in the mirror. I guess this will do. “Cara come on let’s go!” Mum shouted, obviously already standing by the front door.

“Yeah I’m coming!” I called back to her, stumbling down the stairs. “Gosh you seem in a rush.” I joked, following her out the door. She just smiled back at me, jumping a little in every step.

We made our way up the pathway, my mum taking it upon herself to knock on the door. The house was cute, cozy, yet still huge and modern. I don’t think that’s possible, but ehh. “Oh hello there Jodie! It’s nice to see you. Hi you must be Cara. It’s lovely to meet you lass.” Who I’m guessing is Bobby, said smiling warmly.

“Hey Bobby!” Mum smiled giving him a friendly hug. I gave him a hug too, politely confirming his guess. He invited us in, the called out two names before two boys came running down, one around my age whilst the other looked a little older.

"Hi I'm Niall, and this is my older brother Greg." The blonde one smiled, his adorable braces showing. "I think you're the girl whose bedroom's across from my balcony?" He added, making my cheeks go slightly rosy. Did he have to mention that.

"I'm Cara." I smiled and they both brought me in for a hug. "And yeah, that's me... I didn't think you knew." I chuckled a little, trying not to sound creepy?

"Nah, he knew. In fact, he couldn't stop talking about you-" Greg started, only to be cut off by Niall hitting him in the stomach. He coughed, "Er never mind." He said, smiling cheekily. "Come on let's go sit."

Mum sat at one end, whilst Bobby sat on the other. I sat on her right with Niall next to me, and Greg opposite. "Gosh Mr. Horan, this looks delicious." I gushed staring at the spaghetti bolognese and the potato salad. He shot me a wide grin, thanking me before telling us to dig in.

"So Jodie, what brings you to Mullingar? The both of you have the Irish accent, so you're obviously from Ireland..." Bobby asked, sticking a piece of lettuce in his mouth.

"Oh, my mother recently passed away, so we decided to move here to be closer to my dad." Mum explained, putting a mouthful of spaghetti in there. Gosh this was heavenly, I swear.

"I see. Sorry for your loss." He mumbled sincerely. He then changed the subject, trying to lighten the mood. "Do you know any other languages Cara? Niall knows Spanish." Bobby smiled proudly, making Niall blush.

"Eso es tan cool! Yo hablo español también. ¿Es usted habla?" Call me a nerd, but I knew English, Spanish, and French. *That's so cool! I speak Spanish too. Are you fluent?

Niall's face instantly brightened up and we began conversing in Spanish leaving our parents and Greg to talk about something else. We were talking about the most pointless things before realizing we were better off speaking in English. I was starting to get tired of it.

"So have you been to Mullingar before?" Niall asked, eating a piece of his meatball. I chuckled as he chewed with his mouth open. God that's disgusting. I pursed my lips and used the tip of my fingers to close his mouth, smirking after I did so. "Sorry." He murmured, slightly embarrassed.

"That's okay." I giggled eating a piece of lettuce. "Uh yeah I have, but that was ages ago... I'm pretty unfamiliar to it all." I told him truthfully, taking a few potatoes off the plate. "My grandpa actually lives down the road."

He smiled for a moment, before it slowly faded when I mentioned my grandpa. "You're lucky you still have your grandpa... I lost me pappy a couple years ago..." He muttered, his eyes tearing up a little. I instantly regretted bringing grandda up.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I shouldn't have brought my pap up..." I apologized, bringing my hand onto his. He smiled a little, shaking his head.

"No, no, that's okay. Hey, I could show you around Mullingar tomorrow if you'd like? We have tomorrow off. I have no idea why so don't ask..." He offered, the brightness of his pale blue eyes coming back to life.

Oh gosh those eyes... I could stare into then for days and never get bored. They were just so... Blue. Pale beautiful blue.

"I'd really like that." It seemed we had been staring at each other for a little while, because we were snapped out of it by Greg snapping his fingers in our face. We both blushed furiously, slowly getting up to help clear the dishes.

"Oh Cara dear you don't have to help out!" Bobby cooed, taking the plates from my hand. I just smiled gratefully as I gave him the rest of the plates.

"Are you sure?" He just nodded and waved me off, giving me a cheeky smile. "Alright then Uncle Bobby." I giggled and went to find Niall who was sitting on the couch. "Well hello there fellow Irishman!" I chuckled, my Irish accent lacing every single syllable.

"Hello beautiful Irishwoman." Niall winked sending heat to my cheeks immediately. "Why do you need to blush? Don't you know it's true?" He smiled that heart-wavering smile of his. I just shook my head shyly. "Well, it's true."

I just about managed to squeak out a "thank you" before my mum called over that we were leaving. "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" I said to Niall as I gave him a big hug, savoring his sweet scent.

"Definitely." He grinned before I hugged his dad and brother, and then mum and I made our way back to the house.

"Daddy! Hunter!" I screamed, jumping into both their arms. I was glad to see my Range Rover out in the front porch. Oh my sweet baby.

"Hey baby girl." Dad said, kissing me on the head.

"Hey Bambi." Hunter smiled, pulling me into a bone-crushing hug. He gave me that nickname when he realized my everlasting love for that movie. Yeah, I've watched at least 100 times. Not a joke... "Your painting is in the trunk." And that was more than enough to get me sprinting to my range rover.

I yanked the back open, revealing the acrylics painting of the Eiffle Tower that I had done not too long ago. It was one of the best pieces I've ever painted. Not to sound overly-proud or anything... I grabbed it out, shutting the trunk before I bounded for my room, kicking my shoes off, and bouncing onto my bed.

Using the elevation of my bed, I hung the painting right above it on the wall, making sure it was straight. I sighed in accomplishment making a mental note to myself to thank Hunter for bringing it over for me.

"I think it's time for bed..." I murmured to myself, then facepalmed for saying that out loud. Idiot.

I walked into my closet, stripping out of my dress and chucking it into the hamper. I slipped on some yoga shorts, then chucked on a green long sleeved shirt and made my way back to bed. The curtains, Cara, you forgot to close the curtains. Dumbass.

I sighed at my subconscious, dragging my bum off the bed and towards the balcony. As I was about to pull the curtains together, I saw Niall sitting on the balcony, seeming to be deep in thought. Maybe I should go see what's going on.

I gently opened the doors, shuffling out into the freezing cold. "Hey are you okay?" I asked, barely above a whisper as I sat down on my deck chair. He looked up for a moment, startled, before he quickly recovered.

"Oh, hey. Uh yeah... Just- just thinking." He mumbled, playing with his fingers. "After the X-factor and everything... Nothing's been the same you know? I'm always center of attraction at school." He told me, suddenly deciding to confide in me.

"Wait- so you're the Niall Horan in One Direction?" Yeah, okay I admit I'm extremely slow... But you can’t blame me! I’m too busy with life to be fangirling about a band on Tv... He looked confused for a moment before smiling to one side. “Sorry, I don’t usually watch Tv. But I’ve heard some of your songs before... If that makes it any better?” I giggled, trying to lighten the mood.

“So the whole time we were having dinner, and havin’ a good time, you’re telling me you had no idea who I was?” He questioned amused. I nodded slowly, my cheeks heating up despite the absolute cold.

“Gosh that’s awesome.” He gushed, grinning at me. I grinned back, not afraid to show off my braces. Oh, did I forget to mention I wore braces? Well, you may add that to my list of infinite insecurities...

“How is that awesome? I heard you guys are the biggest boy band out there... And here I am, telling you I had no clover’s idea who you were!” I chuckled, tilting my head to the side.

“It’s awesome because, other than the boys, I’ve finally found someone who actually like me for me. Not for being ‘Niall Horan’ of One Direction.” He explained, leaning back onto his arms. “Aren’t you cold? You’re sitting out on your balcony with just shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt.”

I thought for a moment, trying to find an excuse for my reason to being out here. “The truth?” He nodded, raising an eyebrow. “Well, because I’d rather freeze to death and talk to you, than go lie in bed alone, pondering on the fact I only have one friend.” It sounded whole lot worse coming out of my mouth than it did in my head. Ha, I’m so lonely.

His smile slowly became wider, a twinkle appearing in the corner of his eye. Is it weird that we’ve just met, yet my heart races whenever he smiles, and I forget how to breath when he laughs that adorable laugh of his... Is it weird that I think I might like him a little more than a friend?

“Well, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to be your best friend.” He whispered, hoping I would hear.

“I’d love to be.”


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