Pale Blue Eyes

Cara's just your average 19 year old girl- Irish, 19 year old girl to be exact. She's lived in Belfast all her life, until one day, she receives tragic news of her grandmother's passing over in Dublin, Mullingar. Moving houses is always hard... Moving cities is even harder. But the real worry is, will Cara cope with all this change?


2. Goodbye Cara!

Cara’s POV.

I woke up to the sun leaking into my room. Looks like I had forgotten to close the curtains last night. I turned to my right to see Alana sleeping peacefully in her Rolling Stones pajamas. Gosh she was such a fangirl sometimes. I turned over to my left to see Regan also asleep, though she was dressed in some random shirt of mine and some gym shorts she had brought over.

No words come to describe how absolutely depressed I feel about leaving Belfast. Most importantly, leaving the girls. Today was the day we were leaving to Mullingar. Though we were to start our drive at night. I had the whole day planed out for us, so I guess I should get these lazy asses out of bed.

“Regannnnn! Alanaaaaaa!” I singsonged at the top of my voice, jumping up from the bed. I heard them groan before Regan’s eyes fluttered open slowly. “Come on you guys! I’m leaving today so I’m taking you guys out.” I smiled proudly, shoving Alana so she would wake up.

“Alright, alright! We’re up. Jesus you’re eager to leave.” Alana teased, making the smile on my face slowly slip into a frown. “Oh Cara you know what I meant! I’m sorry.” She grimaced, giving me a hug. I held back the tears as I hugged her back, then pulled away to go take a shower.

“I set out an outfit last night for you to wear today… It should be hanging in there with your bra and underwear!” Regan called to me, still lying comfortably on my bed. I grinned at the dark denim jeans that were set with a white lace tank top, and my brown leather jacket hanging right next to it.

“Thanks babe you’re the best!” I called back to her, only to hear Alana protest.

“I thought I was the best!” She cried out to me, and I could just hear the pout in her voice. I grinned gently to myself.

“You’re both the best alright?” I chuckled stripping down and stepping into the shower. What idiots… I thought to myself. But they’re my idiots.

After washing my hair and body, I quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth before drying myself off and started to change. I kept my jacket hung up whilst I plugged in my hairdryer. “Cara! We’re going home to freshen up, but we’ll be back over as soon as we’re done!” I heard Regan call and I responded, telling them to take their time.

After drying my hair, I stared at it for a while. It had always been wavy, and always somehow seemed to look naturally perfect. How lucky I feel to have my hair? Very. I brushed through it a few times before grabbing all my toiletries and packing them into another box.

I slipped my jacket on, then opened up the box filled with all my shoes. I decided on my plain white converse before taping the box back up, piling it onto a few others. I looked around my room, suddenly feeling awfully sentimental as I thought of all the memories I had in here. From sleepovers, to skype calls with my Uncle Hunter whilst he was away in Canada.

There was literally nothing left in my room. The beanbag that used to me in the corner was now in the back of my dad’s truck. My laptop was put into one of my boxes labeled “PERSONAL” which was filled with other things like my alarm clock and fake flowers my friend Sammy had got me for my 16th birthday. She was a sweetheart, but sadly she moved to America two years ago.

I sighed and sat on my bed- well more of a bed frame and mattress if you ask me- and stared at the empty wall. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the room to my door swung open, revealing a beaming Regan. Well wasn’t she in a good mood.

“Hey girl!” She greeted, plopping down next to me on the bed. “Ready to go?” I just looked at her as though she was crazy.

“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” Alana humored from the door, her hands on her hips. I smirked knowing Regan was never going to hear the end of this. “Now we’re ready to go.” Alana stated, mirroring my smirk. She was obviously thinking the same thing as I was.

We jumped into my Black Range Rover as I started up the engine. “Let’s get to it.” I winked and started driving to my surprise destination.

“You brought us to the mall?” Regan asked, obviously not impressed. I just shrugged getting ready to explain.

“I thought since it was the last day here we would do something we would normally do. So I decided to bring you guys shopping, then we’d eat some Nandos, then we’d watch a movie.” I smiled, knowing this was going to make me happy because I’m never going to have the chance to do this with them again…

“I like that idea… I mean come one Ree, it’s her last day with us so the least we could do is make her feel like she’s not leaving.” Alana agreed, obviously reading my mind. A smile slowly formed on Regan’s lips, and she nodded.

“Okay fine.” She chuckled, giving in. The first shop that caught my eye was definitely TopShop. I pointed over at it, to receive approving looks for both the girls, then we bolted towards it, already knowing we’d probably go bankrupt after this.


I feel as though we may have bought the whole mall…” Regan mumbled, putting her set of bags on the right side of the car trunk whilst I put mine on the left. Alana put hers in the backseat since she was sitting there anyway.

“Yeah I’m starting to think so too.” I agreed, then interlocked our arms, walking to Nandos. “Gosh I just realized how hungry I am… I might just die of fatigue!” I complained, speeding up our pace.

“Looks like someone’s pretty hungry.” Alana pointed out, struggling to keep up with her 3-inch booties. “But then again, when are you not?” Regan giggled from beside me, only 10 feet from the store.

“I’ll have a half chicken, mild peri-peri, with an ice lemon tea.” I told the waiter smiling, before I placed my menu back into his hands.

“Quarter chickens for us please, mild, with some diet coke.” Regan stated, winking flirtatiously at the dude. I kicked her under the table, mind her- the waiter was probably in his late 20s…

“We’ll all have peri-peri fries and garlic bread for side dishes.” Alana chuckled, realizing what I was thinking. Once he left, we both turned to Regan, our eyebrows raised. “You’d think someone like you would at least notice that the dude was in his late 20s.” Alana said, smacking the back of Regan’s dark-haired head.

“Jesus Lana! That hurt.” She yelped, pouting slightly. I looked at her and smirked, before telling her she should ‘man up’, only to receive daggers from her eyes. We talked a little more before our food came, resulting in me stuffing my face.

“I’m so hungry…” I managed to say between chews as I gobbled on some fries. “God knows what kind of food places they have in Mullingar.” I wondered aloud, continuing to bite down on my chips. The two girls just stared at me, their faces blank. “Sorry… I shouldn’t have brought that up…” I hung my head low then realized the girls were smiling small at me.

“It’s okay Cara. We’re going to have to accept the fact you’re leaving sooner or later.” Regan mumbled, placing her hand on mine across the table. I looked up at her and sighed.

“I was hoping later rather sooner…” I grumbled leaning back into my seat. “I’m sorry you guys.”

“Doesn’t matter baby girl. We love you either way.” Alana chuckled, and grinned over at me.

After finishing up, we went off to go watch a movie. We decided to watch Jack Reacher since we were all giant fans of Tom Cruise. I mean dayumm. Whoever’s got that piece of ass is one lucky son of a bitch.


“I really don’t want to leave.” I told them, sulking a little. I’ve said this over and over, but somehow no matter how many times I said it, it just wasn’t enough.

“We know Cara, but we’ll see each other again! It’s not like you’re dying.” Regan tried to lighten the mood, placing her hand on my shoulder as I held back all the salty tears that were threatening to spill.

“Yeah, and we’re going over to Mullingar for the summer okay? We’ll spend the whole break there!” Alana added, smiling like a fool. A smile slowly made it’s way to my face as I gently lifted my head up.

“I don’t know how you always manage to make me smile. I’m going to miss you guys so much!” I gushed and pulled them both into a bone-crushing hug. They hugged back, burying themselves into me. “I want to give you guys something. To remind you guys of me.” I giggled, amused at my cheesy idea.

I pulled out my peach bandage body-con dress and handed it to Alana who looked at it with awe. “Here. I know you’ve always liked it, and I’m almost certain I’m not going to wear it anytime soon, so you can have it. Keep it safe.” I placed it into her hands as a tear dropped from her eye. I hugged her, then went back to my boxes of stuff.

I grabbed my pair of black army boots, handing them to Regan. “I’ve always caught you staring at them whenever they were on my feet, so I kinda figured you’d want them.” I chuckled, pulling her into a hug too. “Wear ‘em when you miss me.” I joked, smiling through my tears.

“We love you Cara.” They said in unison, kissing both my cheeks.

“I love you guys too.” I replied, kissing theirs too.

“Cara! Come help me load some things into the car! Uncle Hunter’ll drive your car to Mullingar whilst I drive mine. You and mum will take a plane, and all your stuff still needs to be sent to the post office!” Dad called out to me, probably from the bottom of the stairs. I turned to the two of them frowning.

“I love you guys so so so much.” I whimpered hugging them again. “But could you guys maybe help me carry some stuff into the back of my range rover?” I asked sweetly, batting my eyelashes at them. They glanced at each other before giving in, nodding as they grabbed two boxes each.

Mind you, those boxes were bloody ginormous.


“Bye you guys. You better damn visit me alright?” I said sternly between my tears, struggling to even breathe. God knows how I managed to say that sentence… We were now standing in the airport, ready for mum and I to board the plane

“We will. I promise.” Regan answered, just above a whisper. Alana nodded from beside her before we all got into a huge group hug, kissing each other’s cheeks.

“Plane to Mullingar, Ireland, flight 2113, is now boarding.”

I grimaced as I hugged the girls once more, then followed mum to the check-in counter. “It’s going to okay honey. You’re going to love Mullingar. I promise.” She stated, side-hugging me, leading me onto the plane.

“I hope so.” I whispered, though it was mostly to myself.

We boarded the plane, and courtesy of my grandpa, we went to sit in the first class. “Jeez how did grandda afford this?” I asked mum, astonished at the comfortable leather seats. She just looked at me funny, then realization flashed across her face.

“Well, if you remembered, you’d know that grandda’s house is pretty massive.” Mum chuckled sweetly, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. “You were pretty young when you visited. But we won’t be staying at his house though… He bought us a house near his, just down the road.”

I smiled knowing I’ll get to decorate my new room myself, instead of someone doing it for me. “I promise, you’ll love it. We’re going furniture shopping once we land!” Mum squealed, getting excited. I chuckled at how childish she was being, but nevertheless went along with it.

“I can’t wait.” I giggled and leaned my head onto her shoulder, falling into a deep sleep.


“Cara, love. We’re here.” I heard my mum whisper, shaking my shoulder slightly. I stirred a bit, slowly lifting my head off her shoulder. I nodded my head and started to get up, grabbing my backpack from the upper compartment.

After everything, we finally made it out, finding my grandpa waiting in front of his jeep.

*Hey grandpa how are you?* I signed to him, giving him a hug. Yes, as you’ve probably guessed, grandda is deaf.

*I’ve been good, baby girl. I can’t wait for you to see your new home. Ready for furniture shopping?* He signed back, giving me a bright smile. I nodded, whilst my mum gave him a hug. The thing is though, mum doesn’t know how to sign… So grandda learnt how to read lips.

“Hey dad.” Mum bubbled, hugging him tight. After pulling away, she made sure he could see her before she spoke, “Let’s go.” Then we all made our way to grandda’s red jeep, and we drove to the furniture shop.

“Hello, how may I help you?” The lady asked, she was tall and had a sweet look to her. Not too much make up, and not too slutty. (Note: If I write like this, *Hi there* then the person is signing.)

*We’re looking for furniture to fill this young lady’s brand new bedroom* grandpa signed, leaving the girl with a clueless look on her face. I giggled a little before deciding to help out.

“Sorry, my granddad is deaf…” I explained, my hand motioning to grandda, “He said we were looking for furniture to fill my brand new bedroom with.” I shot her a smile, understanding that she was a little lost. She sighed in relief as she nodded, bringing us over to the bed section.

“Take your time, look around, then call me if you need anything.” She informed us, giving me a thankful smile.

“No problem! Thank you.” Mum chuckled, looking over at the king sized beds.

*You know you could have just asked me to talk to her right? She was so confused.* I told grandpa, laughing as I did so.

*It was quite amusing though don’t you think? She was quite lost in all of it.* He flashed me a grin before going off to see what my mum was doing. I walked around for a bit before I came across a bedframe that was made fully of iron parts, curling into cute patterns.

“Do you like this one baby girl?” Mum asked, coming up behind me. I have to admit, she startled me a little. I nodded as I ran my fingers along the patterns. “Do you want to look around a little more? Or is this the one you want?”

I pondered for a moment, before deciding I was a little too lazy to go search for any others. “Yes please!” I grinned, hugging her. “But do I have to fill my room with other things too?” She nodded and I let out a little squeal before running off to fine a lounge chair to place in my room.

I found a cute zebra printed lounge chair and an adorable lamp where the stand was made out of beads, and the top that covered the lamp was coral. Basically, I loved it. I bought a few paintings and a picture of Audrey Hepburn to put on the wall. I loved Audrey. She was just amazing.

“Alright ready to go?” Mum asked, after telling the delivery guy our house address. He said they’d send it over first thing in the morning. “We’re staying at grandda’s tonight so just put a nights-worth of clothes into a rucksack and we’ll leave the rest of our clothes in the new house.”

“Alright let’s gooooooo!” I cheered.

It was actually a pretty restful night.

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