This Is True Love

Hi I'm Francesca, but just call me Fran. My parents are so mean they think they can do anything all because they are my parents!! I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until university for crying out loud! What have I done to them, I always get straight A's, I never ditch school and I'm not a geek! So much for true love and happy family! What happens when Fran's family go away for two weeks, what happens when her friends force her to go to a party and what happeneds when she meets a member from one direction and they both fall in love...


2. The plan

By the time I had got to school I had cooled off and I really wanted to see my friends. I walked to my locker, and saw them chatting away. "So he was like you want to dance and I was like um... ok, we danced for twenty minutes, oh my god I swear it was love at first sight! I'm going to the end of year party with him!! Ahhhhhh I can't wait!!" My friend Cara chatted. " That's cool" my other friend milly said. She was normally chatty like cara, but today she wasn't. I wonder why? " What up my peeps?!?" I said. "Hayy" they both said "I still haven't found a date for the party, I'm so pissed!" Milly moaned. "So.. Fran did you ask your mum if u can go?" Cara asked me, totally ignoring what milly said. "Um.. Guys I.. Uh.. Can't go.." "What, what do you mean you have to go, everyone is going!" Milly and Cara said at the same time. "I know.. Maybe I can go next year" " No, no you can not!!!" Milly shouted loud enough for people to stare at us."Heyy Fran, when does your family go away?" Cara asked an evil grin on her face. " Um.. Lunchtime, why, Cara what are you thinking?" I said not liking her evil grin. "Well since the party is tonight, and your parents are gone, why don't you go to the party then you can crash at my house after? That's what milly is doing." Cara said. "Yeah it would be fun, while Cara is hanging out with her new boyfriend, we can just dance around and get drunk! Girls night out!!" Milly cheered finally smiling. I knew Cara wouldn't let me go unless I said yes and even if I said no, she would annoy me all day, so I gave in. " ok fine, but no one and I mean no one, says anything to my mum! You understand me! I told them. " Fine by me!! Ahhhh I'm excited" milly said. The start of class bell rang and I said goodbye, grabbed my books and went to first period.
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