This Is True Love

Hi I'm Francesca, but just call me Fran. My parents are so mean they think they can do anything all because they are my parents!! I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend until university for crying out loud! What have I done to them, I always get straight A's, I never ditch school and I'm not a geek! So much for true love and happy family! What happens when Fran's family go away for two weeks, what happens when her friends force her to go to a party and what happeneds when she meets a member from one direction and they both fall in love...


1. Family

I wake up to hear the sound of the load angry knocking on my door. "FRAN WAKE UP, EVEN IF ITS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL YOU STILL HAVE TO GET OUT OF BED!!" My mum screamed. "Ohhhhhhh!!!" I replied, sitting up and looking at the time 7:00am, great! I walked across my room, staring at the billboard with all the pictures of my friends and all the great memories we had together. My room is the biggest room in the house, I like my room it has white walls, a double bed in the middle, a bookcase, a couch, desk, closet and a door that leads to the balcony. It has posters of various famous people, photos and certificates. I open the door to see my mum still in her dressing gown shouting at me, I block the noise, grab my towel and head for the shower. I waited there longer then I normally do, letting the warm water beat down on me. When ever I am in the shower I try to plan my day and try and think what to do. * I need to get a new pen mine broke yesterday and I need to get some shampoo* I thought in my head. I turn the tap off and dry myself quickly, I run to my bedroom, and open my closet doors. "What to wear" i whisper to myself. I choose leopard patterned tights, my raglin top with dark blue sleeves, and my cardigan. I walk up the stairs to the dining room. My house isn't that fancy but its cosy and its home, what more could you want right? "Morning" I said putting on my best smile. "Good Morning" my family said not really paying any attention. My mum was cooking my breakfast, my dad was eating his breakfast and reading a magazine, and my sister Lucia was sitting there staring into space. I sit down trying to ignore what I saw, and stare at my family. My mum had black hair tanned skin like me, she was slender and quite pretty for her age. My dad was tall, he had black short hair, and had white skin. And my sister, Lucia she has curly dark brown hair always leaving it down, tanned skin, and skinny. The reason my dad has white skin and the rest of my family including me, have tanned skin is because my sister and I are halfies. My mum is from Thailand and my dad is from England. We used to live in Belgium, where I was born but then moved to London a year after, so my sister is born in London. My mum brought my breakfast, to me and I hungrily ate up fast. "Thanks mum" I said "Your welcome honey, anytime". *Good she's in a good mood maybe I can ask her if I can go to the end of year party* "Hey mum I was wondering if maybe I could go to the end of year party?" I asked fearing for the answer. "NO! you know how I feel when you go out all the time! I want you to focus more on your study!" My mum angrily replied. "But please mum I need to go everyone is going please, please please!" I pushed. "No and that's final, now go to school!" She ended. "Ahhhhh why do I have such an annoying family!" I screamed back!" I stormed off not wanting to hear the reply and slammed to the door.
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