Win Her Heart (Not Famous)

Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were small. They have done everything together, and they were planning on staying best friends for their whole lives. As they grew into their teenage years, they started attracting more than enough female attention. In their final year of high school, they are the hottest and most popular boys in school, and they know it. But who is THE hottest and THE most popular? They decide that they need to make a bet. Who could land the hottest girl? When the new girl, Emma, shows up on the first day of school, they knew they had found her. But what happens when she is unimpressed with them? Find out by reading more...Don't forget to like the novel :)


10. Some Secrets Can't Be Kept

A/N: I know it's short, but...yeah. I tried my hardest.

Zayn's POV

Alright man, be cool. She's just a girl. Who was I kidding? She's more than just a girl! She's THE girl. She's the one I wanted to work my ass off for. The girl I wanted to have it all with, no matter how bumpy the road. I knew she was going to hate me after this, but I had to tell her. She deserved to know about the bet. Even if it threw me out of the game. What was I talking about anyways? If she found out about the bet, then there would be no more bet, and then I could just be with her. Alright. 

"Zayn? Earth to Zaynnnnnn?" Emma was waving her hand in front of my face, giggling at the blank expression on my face. 

"Oh, sorry, I was just thinking..." I trailed off, the nerves getting the better of me again. Emma looked at me, rolling her eyes, clearly amused when her eyes traveled behind me.

"Hey Haz!" She waved and I turned around, shooting Harry a death glare. Wow, I couldn't even trust these guys. I had confided in Harry the day before, about how I wanted to come clean to Emma. She deserved to choose for herself! She wasn't just an object in our little game anymore. She was a  real person with real feelings. And I was really starting to fall for her. 

"Emma!" Harry ran up and pulled Emma out of her seat, bringing her into a big hug, wrapping his arms around her waist, "fancy seeing you guys here." he turned around and winked at me. I felt a low growl rumbling at the back of my throat. But all Harry did was smirk, his eyes trailing to the door. I whipped my head around, hearing the familiar jingle of the door opening. 

"Hey Emma!" the boys chorused. Last time I tell any of them anything. I turned around, glaring at Harry, but all her did was shrug. His green eyes were cold, he was going to do whatever it took to keep this a secret from Emma, because he knew he'd lose her if she found out. And I could tell the others were thinking the same thing. 

"Well...On that note," Emma stood up awkwardly, "I'm going to take a bathroom break." She smiled at me, resting resting her hand on my shoulder before making her way to the back of the coffee shop.

"WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" Louis stood up, angry. I rolled my eyes. 

"You're all being selfish, we may lose her if she finds out about the bet, but she deserves to know. She's better than this." I stood up, facing him, thankful that I had an inch or two on him.

"What? So we're supposed to say 'Oh hey Emma. Here's the thing. Girls are usually falling all over us. But you didn't so we thought we'd test to see who is the most irresistible by betting on which on of us you would fall for!'?" Liam was being ridiculous.

"No, I was going to tell her that it may have been a bet, but I care about her. We can let her chose for herself. Who she wants to hang out with, and who she wants to fall for, not us scheduling her time, like she has no choice." My voice was a low growl. 

"She'll never trust us again, Zayn." My heart jolted at Niall's words. It was true. But it was also probably worth it. Serves us right for being such jerks.

Emma's POV

I stood behind the boys. They were all too enthralled in their conversation to notice me. 

"What? So we're supposed to say 'Oh hey Emma. Here's the thing. Girls are usually falling all over us. But you didn't so we thought we'd test to see who is the most irresistible by betting on which on of us you would fall for!'?" My feet were frozen to the ground at Liam's words, my heard dropped to my stomach. They had done what? I was called back to attention at Niall's words. 

"She'll never trust us again, Zayn." Niall was right. My vision had gone red. Could I not go a day without having my heart torn to pieces by a guy I thought I could trust? 

"Maybe so, Niall. But it's up to her to decide, Niall, not us." My heart almost warmed at Zayn's words. But I couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to flee. To run away from all of them and never speak to them again. 

"We know, Zayn. Trust me, none of us like the bet anymore. But we can't tell her. We'll lose her." Louis' voice punctuated the air. A voice that once gave me so much comfort, now made me want to spit up my lunch. 

"Too late. You already lost her." I whispered from behind them. All of a sudden there were 5 pairs of eyes on me. 

"Emma! Let me explain!" Zayn rushed over to me, trying to pull me into his arms, but I shook him off. 

"No. I've heard enough for today. Thank you for your concern, Zayn, but their right, I will never trust you guys again. I'll see you guys around." I grabbed my jacket, turning on my heel, ready to leave. 

"I'm sorry, Emma" I heard Louis' soft voice call from behind me. I turned around, giving them one last look. 

"At least Zayn had the decency to be honest with me. The rest of you, are dead to me." and I was gone.


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