Win Her Heart (Not Famous)

Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they were small. They have done everything together, and they were planning on staying best friends for their whole lives. As they grew into their teenage years, they started attracting more than enough female attention. In their final year of high school, they are the hottest and most popular boys in school, and they know it. But who is THE hottest and THE most popular? They decide that they need to make a bet. Who could land the hottest girl? When the new girl, Emma, shows up on the first day of school, they knew they had found her. But what happens when she is unimpressed with them? Find out by reading more...Don't forget to like the novel :)


8. Fix My Heart

Emma's POV

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It was finally Monday morning. I rolled over and groaned, hitting my alarm clock, causing the constant beeping to stop. I hadn't been able to sleep since Friday night. When I woke up that morning in Louis' arms, I knew that kissing him had been a mistake. Yes, all we had done was kiss, but I had been with Wyatt for a year. You don't just forget about those feelings. And my heart was broken. We took the train back on Saturday morning. I refused to talk to him. All I said was that I needed time to think things over. It was far too soon. I pulled myself out of bed, my legs feeling heavy beneath me. I threw on a pair of yoga pants, a tank top, and a zip up sweater, heading for the kitchen.

"You look like hell." Mike noted as soon as he saw me. I didn't even look up. I just grunted, grabbing myself a glass of juice. I wasn't hungry. My dad came into the kitchen. I had lain in his arms all of Sunday night, crying, reliving the memory of Wyatt and Jackie in my mind. 

"If you want to stay home today, Emma, I completely understand." Dad knew what it was like to have your heart completely ripped out of place. 

"Emma, what happened?" I just looked at Mike, I didn't want to explain anything. 

"Nah, I'll go to school. Thanks anyways, dad." I finished my glass of juice and made my way out the door. When I got to school, there were five boys waiting for me at my locker. 

"I'm sorry." Louis took me into his arms, hugging me to his chest, tightly. "If you need to talk, I'm here." I just nodded at him. Zayn cleared his throat, making his way in between me and Louis. 

"I know this is the last thing you want to hear right now, but I know exactly what you're going through. I've been in your place, Emma. So if you ever need to talk, I'm here, okay?" He gave me a quick hug, backing away. I grabbed his wrist and he looked at me, surprised. 

"Actually, do you think we could go talk somewhere?" I didn't really know if I was ready to talk about everything, but maybe hearing Zayn's story would help. In my heart, I always knew that Wyatt wasn't the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but I never thought it would end like this. I needed to know how to deal with this kind of betrayal, and maybe Zayn had all of the answers. Maybe he could fix me. 

Louis' POV

I watched as Emma and Zayn walked away, out the school doors, his hand resting against the small of her back, her clinging to his signature leather jacket as she cried. How could she leave with him? I took a beating for her, I was there when everything went to hell. I would always be there for her. 

"It's his week, mate." Harry clapped me on the back, sympathetically. Although we were all competing for the same girl, I knew that these boys were my best friends, and when it came down to it, friendship came first. I knew I had to back off and let Zayn have his week. As much as I was falling for Emma, maybe Zayn was better for her. 

Zayn's POV

"We'll be back for Howes' class." I muttered to the boys as I led Emma out of the school, girls sending us looks of jealousy, and Jason glaring at me. It was heartbreak week. Ironic. Emma was going through one of the worst feelings a human being can go through, and I, Zayn Malik, was going to make this girl fall for me, breaking the hears of every single man in this world. And you know what? Maybe, just maybe I would let myself fall this time too. As we sat down in the coffee shop, I looked into Emma's deep brown eyes and I saw a broken girl. The same broken that I felt when I went through such a similar experience. I'd never really talked about Perrie to anyone. Even to the boys. But something about Emma seemed so vulnerable, and trustworthy. She made me want to be a better person. 

"Emma, can I tell you something?" She just looked at me and nodded, "2 years ago, I met a girl. Her name is Perrie. I fell in love. It wasn't something I thought that I was capable of. But I fell for her really hard. We did everything together. Except the boys. They didn't really like her too much because she took up all my time. And when I went to hang out with the lads, she got jealous. I mean I don't blame her too much, the lads are always going out and trying to get girls. Anyways when I would see her after hanging out with the boys she would start screaming at me, accusing me of cheating. Soon enough, girls stayed away from me because they thought I was a player. To this day, only the boys know that I was 100 percent faithful to her. But then came the day that I was going to give her a promise ring. It was our 1 year anniversary. I had a feeling she forgot, but I was okay with that because I wanted to surprise her. I showed up at her house. I was going to sing her a song and then present her a ring. I was dressed in a tux and everything, with a dozen roses. Sounds stupid, right?" I looked up, my heart was pounding, my eyes filled with tears. I hadn't relived this moment in a long time. But she just stood up, pulled her chair over to mine, and grabbed my hands in hers. 

"Not stupid at all Zayn. You can't help who you love. I think that's actually really sweet. I guess underneath that bad boy image, you're a real softie, hey?" She playfully punched me in the arm, but I grabbed her hand again, taking it in mine, grinning slightly. I took a deep breath and continues with the story. I felt like she deserved to know the rest. I was just glad I was able to put a smile on her face. 

"When I got to her house, her parents were out. They left to give us some time alone, for I had told them of my plan. I walked in and there was loud music playing, so I guess she didn't hear me come in. When I walked into her room, she was having sex with a guy. Well actually, that guy was Jason. She never gave herself to me. She told me she was a virgin and wasn't ready, and I respected that. But then to see her with him? Well I didn't take it too well. I beat him pretty hard. It gave him another reason to hate us football players. But he deserved it. Everyone knew I was with Perrie, but he didn't care. She came to my door and begged for me back, but I wouldn't let her back in. I don't think I've ever really been the same since. What I'm trying to say, is it's not something that you can get over and move on with. Cheating hurts. It changes you. It's not something you can forget. But it teaches you a lesson. It teaches you to build walls, make better decisions, not love so blindly, and communicate. It can give you trust issues, but it can make falling in love so much better, because you're doing it at your own rate, not another persons rate, and you're careful, and you have less of a risk of getting hurt again. You just have to be strong, Em. That's all." She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She placed her hand on my face. 

"I'm going to beat Jason up." She giggled. I threw my head back in laughter. 

"Are you meaning to tell me that after all of that, the only thing you can think to do is beat up some bloke?" I exclaimed, stifling fits of laughter. This girl was something else.

"Well that, and thank you for sharing your story, Zayn. I'm sorry that you had to go through that. I don't get how people can do that? Why not just end the relationship before it goes so far? In my own mind, I like to think that maybe Wyatt loved me, and he was afraid to let me go, but in reality, he was just selfish." She looked like she was gaining her confidence back, and I was so happy that I could be the one to give it to her. I stood up, pulling her into my arms. I buried my face into her hair, inhaling her intoxicating scent. She rested her head on my chest, breathing in deeply. I don't know what it was, but we had this deep connection. Maybe it's because we were both messed up, and that made us work, or maybe it's just because this was the way things were supposed to be. Either way, I wasn't going to complain. 

"We should get going, back to school." I whispered into her hair. 

"Thank you again, Zayn." She said, tightening her grip around me before letting go. I offered her my arm and we made our way back to the school. 

Emma's POV

I felt bad. The way Louis looked at me this morning. I knew I shouldn't have kissed him, and I knew that I owed him an explanation, but I couldn't find the words. He was a great guy, I was just in no way ready to be with anyone. And I don't think he really understood what I was going through. He thought that I would get over it in a couple months and then everything would go back to normal. But nothing would be normal again. But then there was Zayn. He knew what I was going through, and he didn't expect me to heal and move on with my life. He wanted me to learn from my mistakes, and take everything in stride. He just got it, and that felt good. Was I bad person though? I had just broken up with my boyfriend after finding out that he was sleeping with the girl that I had thought was my best friend, but I was too busy trying to figure out my intentions with five different boys. Sure, I had spent the most time with Louis, but they were all special in their own way. Louis made me feel adventurous and spontaneous, yet down to earth at the same time. Niall made me want to open up and tell him everything about myself, which was not something I did often. Liam was different from anyone I've ever experienced in my life. It's like he had seen everything that needed to be seen, and it made him so mature, and caring. Yet sometimes he was just like a little puppy that wants to have fun. And Harry. Well Harry was a little harder to figure out. On the outside he came off like this huge flirt, and if I hadn't taken the time to get to know him a little better, I probably would have hated him. But underneath it all, if you just talked to him, you could see that all he wanted was to be loved. And not for everything he was on the outside, but for Harry, the goofy kid with dimples and a big heart. Then there was Zayn. He had me so confused. Sometimes he was cold, and uncaring, but as soon as he saw someone was in pain, he was always there. He came off as calm and collected, but behind closed doors, he was a real jokster, and deep. I felt like there were so many layers to him, and if you took the time to peel back the payers, you'd be left with an entire different person. But no one had ever taken the time to do that with him, so he remained stuck behind these walls. And I felt myself wanting to crack them. 

"How was talking?" Harry raised an eyebrow at Zayn and i when we walked into glee, still arm in arm and sat beside each other. 

"It was good. Zayn had some really helpful things to say." I smiled at Zayn, who just smiled back, blushing a little. 

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Louis piped up. But it was too late, the bell had rung, and Mr. Howes was at the front of the room.

"Alright kids, who wants to go first?" 

I immediately threw up my hand. I had so much that I wanted to get out, and song was the only form I knew how to do it in. 

"Before I sing this song, I just wanted to say something. I'm kind of going off of a conversation that I had earlier today. it brought up a lot of stuff and it got me thinking. Love isn't about finding someone who gives you butterflies, fireworks and happily ever after. It isn't just a fairy tale. You're going to go through so much heart break and never find 'the one'. There is no perfect match for anyone. As humans, we're all so different, and it just don't work that way. We get broken, and we pick ourselves back up again, but if we keep going like nothing happened and return to our old habits, nothing is going to change. We are still going to get broken. We need to remember the pain, and the little things that went wrong, because we need to learn from them." I looked around the room, and some people had tears in their eyes, others were just nodding, and some were frozen in place, like they didn't know what to do. I looked to Zayn and he smiled, tears staining his cheeks. I looked to the pianist, and began my song. 

"It's probably what's best for youI only want the best for youand if I'm not the bestthen you're stuck
I tried to sever tiesand I ended up with wounds to bindit’s like you're pouring salt in my cuts
And I just ran out of band aidsI don't even know where to startcause you can bandage the damageyou never really can fix a heart

Even now I know what's wronghow could I be so sureif you never say what you feel, feel
I must have held you hand so tightyou didn't have the will to fightI guess you needed more time to heal
Baby I just ran out of band aidsI don't even know where to startcause you can bandage the damageyou never really can fix a heart

ohhh ohhh...ohhh oooohoooh ooooh yeah

You must be a miracle workerswearing up and down you can fixwhat's been broken yeahplease don't get my hopes up no nobaby tell me how could you be so cruel
It's like you're pouring salt on my cuts

Baby I just ran out of band aidsI don't even know where to startcause you can bandage the damageyou never really can fix a heart
Baby I just ran out of band aidsI don't even know where to startcause you can bandage the damageyou never really can fix a heartoh no no noyou never really can fix a heartoh no no noyou never really can fix a heart
oh hoo ohhhoh hoo yeah ohhh ohh ho oh oh oh

You never really can fix my heart"

I searched the five faces sitting in front of me, trying to figure out what on earth I was doing. But my eyes were glued to one pair of eyes. Zayn. He was sitting there with tears falling down his face. He was finally confronting everything, the way that he should have a while ago. I got up from the front of the room, pulling out of his seat and into my arms. He held me back, his voice trembling. 

"Thank you." He whispered, sending shivers down my spine.

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