With out you?

Stacy Demis, 19 year old,was born in the USA but, moved at early age to Bradford,UK. There,she was neighbor of none other than Zayn Malik but, who was Zayn Malik back then? Stacy and Zayn did everything together,including there first Kiss. When Zayn auditioned for The X-Factor, she was there with him and when he walked through the door to Bootcamp he promised her he would get in the show for her,so he did. After he won the X-factor with his band members,Stacy was now the official chef/photographer of 1D.Stacy still had secret feelings for Zayn but did he? He showed his beyond friendship love for her, but he never did anything to be with her. When Harry falls for Stacy will Zayn fight back for her love?


11. You scared the shit out of me..But, Thank You

He said "Are you okay,Stacy?"



"I-I'm okay." I stuttered while looking into his shiny green eyes and said "What are you doing here? "

He whiped away my tears and ruined makeup with his thumb and we began walking towards my house whihc was like two houses away. It was a real miracle that none of the neighbors, not even Jay, came out to see what all the racket was about.

"I was at the football field-

I interupted him "It was you?"

He lifted his t-shirt to expose his six pack "Yes" He chuckled "I saw you stare at my abs, y'know." 

I blushed now under the light on my front porch "Was I that obvious?" 

"Just a bit."

"What were you doing there?"

"Working out. You guys were using the track and I didn't want to interupt. Well, you're home now."

"Well, thanks for defending me. It means a lot to me." I said hugging him one more time. When we separated I realized he had blood and a few bruises by his Jaw and his eyes; I couldn't let him go home like that after what he did for me. "Hey, want to come in? I'll clean uo your bruises and stuff." I didn't wait for him to answer and instantly pulled him inside my house. I yelled out "Mom, I'm home !! " Paige came out from the kitchen doorway "She's not home until after dinner." Her mouth dropped open "Jordan, what happened to you?" Jordan said "It's only a few bruises from a fight. Nothing to worry about, I left the poor dude worse." I still held on to his hand and pulled him thorugh my house up to my room and yelled out "Paige, bring me up the first aids kit please!" She responded "In a second"

~Stacy's Room~

They both sat on Stacy's bed. Paige ran in with the first aids kit and helped curing him. While finishing him up stacy said 

"Jordan, you have to tell us- Paige's phone interupted Stacy. Paige said while looking down at her phone screen "Well, guys dinner is ready." 

Stacy said "Cool. Jordan, how about we talk about it over dinner? "

Jordan hesitated "I would love to but, I have to ask my mom."

"Call her" Paige insisted.

Jordan called his Mom, and he stayed for dinner. 





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