With out you?

Stacy Demis, 19 year old,was born in the USA but, moved at early age to Bradford,UK. There,she was neighbor of none other than Zayn Malik but, who was Zayn Malik back then? Stacy and Zayn did everything together,including there first Kiss. When Zayn auditioned for The X-Factor, she was there with him and when he walked through the door to Bootcamp he promised her he would get in the show for her,so he did. After he won the X-factor with his band members,Stacy was now the official chef/photographer of 1D.Stacy still had secret feelings for Zayn but did he? He showed his beyond friendship love for her, but he never did anything to be with her. When Harry falls for Stacy will Zayn fight back for her love?


9. Oh Please...

Heyy Guys , so Thanks for reading and please like, favourite and/or fan me Please. Please recomend my fanfcition. So, here you go, this is the next chapter but, I'm going to stop making them so long cause that's what's like sucking all the ideas for next chapters outta me Okay? 


Stacy's P.O.V. 

~The days passed by. It was December 14th or so Jordan,Jay,and Zayn grew closer together and we were really good friends with him as if we knew eachother from ever. I have many friends, not to brag but, I'm pretty popular being part of student council, head cheerleader,I get told It's beacuse I have the best personality and attitude. Jay is a football player, Zayn likes singing and acting and is part of the drama club and Bridgette does swimming and I am a Cheerleader and Jordan is still the new one. We all have different after school acitivities but, manage to stay close alway; I guess it's true, Opposites do attract.



Jay and I have practice at the School football field (Its like a park) but, on campus because its that big, on Mondays & Thrudays. Everyone was busy on Thursday;Jay & I at Practice,Zayn in Drama Class and Bridgette to the country club where she was part of the swimming team of Bradford Teens.


School ended at 3:55 p.m. and we went home at around 4:OO and we had about an hour and a half to do our needs and at 6:OO at our activities.Bridgette actually had to leave an hour earlier and she's be home at 7:PM and Zayn was back at 8:3O;It was so annoying because he couldn't pick me up from practice but, Jay,some of the team friends  and I would walk home together,it was fun. I was sitting on the living room couch watchign "Mean Girls" when I heard a knock at the front door, I knew it was Jay. i turned off the T.V., grabbed my phone, duffle bag and ran out the front door to run in with Jay who was waiting for me along with Katie,Amber,Cassie,Cameron(boy), and Josh. I was surprised to see so many people at my front porch, they never reall waited for Jay and I, but I didn't say anything; that would be so rude. On our walk to B.K.A. I heard Cassie freak out because there was some kidnapping near the west side of Bradford (Thank God we live in the city and not on the outsides) and Cameron hugging her saying "Baby, don't worry about it, I'll protect you" I heard silence then it was broken by a few 'ew' noises and kissy noises behind me. I turned around to a making out session between Cassie and Cameron, who had been dating for over 8 moths. I grinned,I had an idea.I stopped walking and the rest just made their way around me but, Cameron & Cassie were really into the Kiss, they didn't realize and ended up slobbering all over my face which was really discusting. "Dang Stacy, you ruined it." Nagged Cassie "Damn Stacy, you should've told me you wanted some,too. There's enough Cameron for everyone."he said raising his arms as in victory motion. We soon arrived to the football field, the football team practiced on the feild and the cheer squad on the track. 

I greeted 5 or so who were already there. The 3 girls,Melanie,Jane and Jailee ran up to hug me; they're all so sweet and we've all been friends since Pre-K. We stretched for about  5 minutes by the time the rest of the squad arrived. In total we were about 25-30 members of the squad boys and girls. We practiced all of our routines for the football games on Fridays and we were getting ready for the cheer tournaments. I added new moves and stunts I had learned at cheer camp during summer vacations. When practice was over I let them go home even Jay. I was just jogging on the track. I knew there was someone there besides me so I wasn't scared. He was a  shirtless guy around my age, like with an Austin Mahone kind of body, brown hair, I couldn't really see his face he was giving me his back, he was actually pretty cute and had a six pack. Who is he? 

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