With out you?

Stacy Demis, 19 year old,was born in the USA but, moved at early age to Bradford,UK. There,she was neighbor of none other than Zayn Malik but, who was Zayn Malik back then? Stacy and Zayn did everything together,including there first Kiss. When Zayn auditioned for The X-Factor, she was there with him and when he walked through the door to Bootcamp he promised her he would get in the show for her,so he did. After he won the X-factor with his band members,Stacy was now the official chef/photographer of 1D.Stacy still had secret feelings for Zayn but did he? He showed his beyond friendship love for her, but he never did anything to be with her. When Harry falls for Stacy will Zayn fight back for her love?


3. Middle School troubles

The years pass and everything is the same thank Goodness we made it through elemantary school and the first year of Middle school, Middle School Drama Bring it on..... Again. 

It's been about a month since the school year began and it's pretty much been boring.It's the same as always. Zayn wakes up, gets ready and makes his way up to my room, he has a key to my house and I have one for his because we're like family. He wakes me up, I change and We have breakfast and we walk to school since it's only like 10 minutes away. 

Zayn goes up to her room and sits next to her waiting for her to wake. She feels his presence and wakes up to an almost drewling Zayn and says "Umm, what do you need?" He responds,"For you to go to school." Stacy gets up from her bed and grabs her book bag and tries to open the door but, Zayn understands her joke and carries her from the waist and throws playfully on the bed and throws himself on top of her with out hurting her. She says to him giggling "What are you doing?" he says rubbing her cheeks "You're so silly, are you seriously going to school in Pink panda pijama shorts and a see through tank top? Don't think so." He gets up from her and puts her on her feet and signals to her closet, smacking her butt as she moves towards it. Stacy changes into black skinny jeans and a flowered top not caring if he's still in her room because they have that confidence, a sibling relationship. Once she's done they go downstairs and she makes breakfast for both and head out to school about 5 minutes before the bell rings.

Stacy's P.O.V.

I was freaked out, as soon as we walked through the doors into our locker hallway I heard a lot of mean things being screamed at Zayn like: "Look, here comes Gay Malik, Eww, ugly gay muslim get out of my way, and Move out of my way, you faggot muslim" while Zayn was being pushed around, he would've been thrown on the ground if i hadn't caught his flying arm. I faced a concerned and ashamed Zayn, I was about to ask him what was happening when he pulled me into an empty classroom. He said "Look, I know you're confused. I accidently told Jay (Jay is a friend from across our street) I haven't had my first kiss or girlfriend and I guess someone over heard our conversation and spread it around." I say still concerned, "Since when is this happening?" "Äbout a week ago." "I don't get it, why only you I haven't had my- Zayn cuts her off "Stacy, it's not the same, I'm a guy, guys have their first kiss and girlfriend before most girls." Stacy pulls Zayn into a tight hug just when the bell rings. Stacy and Zayn don't have the same first period so she has to run to her first class yelling out "I have an excellent idea, I'll tell you later,Zee. (Her nickname for him) 

His first period is History with Mrs. Brown, her class is really boring and a shitty  way to start off a Monday so his table is at the back and he doesn't have a partner to share his table with so he has it for his self. He sits all class and doodles away.This time he's thinking about Stacy.What does she want to tell me?, He thinks. Zayn is so concentrated on his drawing. Zayn’s head shoots up when he hears his name being called out by Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown says, “Mr. Malik would you mind telling us what’s the name of the first President of America?” He takes a minute to think about it. He’s thinking about answering “why should I care about the first president of the U.S.A? Hello, we live in Bradford, U.K.!!!” But, right when he’s about to answer to her stupid question the door flies open and through it walks Mrs. Chapel, the School principal and tall, slim brunette girl. Since he doesn’t know her he doesn’t care and looks back down at his notebook only listening to Mrs. Chapel saying “Good morning, students. I’ve just come by to notify you about your new classmate, Bridgette. Please present yourself, Bridgette. “Good morning, my name is Bridgette Wells. I just got back from a trip with my parents and that is why I was registered a month after all of you but, I hope we can get along well.” The class was silent for a while and Mrs. Chapel and Mrs. Brown were speaking about the new girl. 

Zayn’s P.O.V.

I was so relieved when Mrs. Chapel came in, she literally saved me from that question I don’t know the answer to. I went back to my drawing but, still listening I heard Mrs. Chapel leave and Mrs. Brown assign the new girl to her seat. Since she just loves to annoy me, she assigns her at the open seat at my table. Wow, I just love this teacher more by the second. I hear Mrs. Brown say, “Bridgette, it’s nice to have you here with us. You will sit next to the boy with the black hair in the back. Now, Zayn you will be in charge of showing Bridgette around the school for today and helping her with anything she needs since you two have some classes together.” I didn’t feel like responding and she’s used to it by now. When, Bridgette sits down next to me, Mrs. Brown remember the question she had asked me before she was interrupted and said “Mr. Malik I asked you a few minutes ago, Who was the first president of the U.S.A. can you answer?” My mind went blank, I forgot about it, apparently Bridgette noticed I had no clue and whispered the answer to me and I repeated “George Washington” she was surprised I knew the answer, well I didn’t know the answer but, I said it. I whispered thank you to Bridgette and went back to thinking, now about her. Why’d she help me? She doesn’t even know me?  



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