With out you?

Stacy Demis, 19 year old,was born in the USA but, moved at early age to Bradford,UK. There,she was neighbor of none other than Zayn Malik but, who was Zayn Malik back then? Stacy and Zayn did everything together,including there first Kiss. When Zayn auditioned for The X-Factor, she was there with him and when he walked through the door to Bootcamp he promised her he would get in the show for her,so he did. After he won the X-factor with his band members,Stacy was now the official chef/photographer of 1D.Stacy still had secret feelings for Zayn but did he? He showed his beyond friendship love for her, but he never did anything to be with her. When Harry falls for Stacy will Zayn fight back for her love?



Okay so, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not sure how to get my story to the Best point and so I was taking a shower singing to Take me Home album and an Idea for a new Fanfic came to me so, while I have inspiration for this fanfic I'm going to begin the one that I came up with before I forget it. & dont worry I will keep writitng this one. If you want a little Preview I guess? It's going to be a Harry fanfic and the Name is going to be "A Summer Love to remember" So, Please, if you like this fanfic recommend it, like and favourite and then check out  the beginning of " Ä Summer Love to Remember" Please? Thank you <3 

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